This picture made my day today. ๐Ÿ˜

She made her own lantern in school today!

Looking like she's up to no good. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Her Chinese teacher also taught them about mid autumn festival.

I asked her later this evening, "่€ๅธˆๆœ‰ๆฒกๆœ‰่ทŸไฝ ไปฌ่ฎฒไธญ็ง‹่Š‚็š„ๆ•…ไบ‹?" (Did your teacher tell you about the story of mid autumn festival?)

She laughed and said to me:



I think she understood my question but deliberately chose not to answer.

We brought her down to the park for a walk after dinner.

I thought she wouldn't even want to hold the lighted lantern but she did, for about a minute before she dropped it and decided to gun for the playground.

Two boys came up to her to show her their impressive robot + music lantern.

And she started dancing to the music.

Video evidence.

I cued her to dance so I could catch it on video.
She was in fact dancing happily on her own without anyone telling her to.

I made Baba pose for a picture.