So this morning, I was trying to have breakfast at the dining table while she stood at the coffee table playing with her rubber bands.

She said to me in her most commanding voice:

Mama sit down on the foor!

I was so surprised by her coherence that I guai guai (obediently) took my breakfast to the coffee table and sat on the floor with her.

She even used "the", and not "sit on" + "floor", which is how she'd usually link two phrases together.

She'd also asked me to "close the door", instead of "close, door".

Hehe so fun to hear her talk, but her instructions/bossiness getting more and more specific.

It used to be just "Mama sit down", so technically I could still sit down at the dining table or anywhere I want.

But now it's not only about sitting down, but also where she wants me to sit. 😂

The situation after breakfast:

"Don't want go school!"


She wanted to stay at home to "go shopping" (see trolley beside her) and "read book" (see book behind her).

She saw me at the door and broke into a bright smile.

"Mama," she said as she walked towards me. 😁

"Can we go now?"

I had a 1pm call so I bought her pandan cake and bread before picking her up.
(Otherwise she'd dilly dally and refuse to leave the mall. 😂)

I thought she'd want a break from waffles but once we walked out of the school building, she said to me:

Buy waffle!


I told her I'd bought pandan cake instead. She seemed satisfied with my answer so we continued our way home.

As usual she insisted on walking on her own and stopped every few steps to admire the grass and flowers.

I had to hurry her along, "Let's go! Mama has a meeting at 1!"

She really tried her best to walk as fast as she could. But she got tired and asked me to carry her before we even got to the running track.

So I brisk walked with her in my arms and got home sweating like mad. 😂

The good news is that it only started pouring after we got home.


Cannot imagine having to juggle a toddler and an umbrella.

Hahaha I love the description.