This morning, trying to scare a pigeon into flying.

"WAH!" She said. "Bird bird FLY!"

The pigeon hopped away nonchalantly.

I guess, because she's too adorable to be scary. #oldwongsellsmelon

Our cheeky girl and her Baba.
#flatlay 😅

She made her Baba do tummy time with her like this.

For no reason in particular, just #toddlerlogic.

Kachiau-ing my photobook project.

She's turning 2 soon and I have not sorted out any of her photos. 😌

So I finally rolled up my sleeves today, skipped nap/nuah (and Dayre) time and erm paid for some prints and photobooks while my boss took her late morning nap.

I'm now at, erm, page 3 of 40 fml. 😂