My happy birthday

All I need for my birthday. 😁😘😘

I overheard her saying it loud and clear while I was washing up in the bathroom this morning.

The hubs tried to take a video and she became all shy and gentle.

But still, so sweet my heart's melting.

The same time last year, we were in Sydney together and she was still riding in our human kangeroo (carrier).

Now she's running about, demanding to go to the "ming pool" and scolding herself "Baby nauti" when she does something naughty like knocking the phone off its hook. 😁

Birthday treat last evening at the Kelong Restaurant.

Had a 90 minute massage prior to dinner, courtesy of the hubs who took Clarissa out to spend time at the pool.

Peanut butter jam toast this morning, buttered (?) by the hubs.

I took a bite before remembering to take my breakfie. 😅

Guess who had an awesome time at the ming pool again? 😁

K.O.ed for two hours before we checked out.

It started drizzling and we extended checkout time by an hour, so I actually got to..


The hubs laughed when I asked him if I should bring a book along.

I managed a good few chapters, with the hubs and the bubs snoring in the background.

Wifi connection was weak at the resort so I didn't Dayre because I couldn't stand the loading time.

On our way to the ferry terminal, 2 shades darker.

When we got home, our helper told me she left some delivery on my desk.

Got to my desk and saw not only the delivered items (a radio clock for our helper) but also a wrapped up gift and card from her.

Aye so touched. 😊

After dinner, the hubs went out to get a cake, because "birthday must have cake!" He says. 😁

And yes this is a picture of a picture from the camera. 😂

I cannot find the energy to upload the photos now so this shall do.

Taken by my sis#5 who dropped by with sis#1. 😁

Timer success.

Clarissa did her classic smile face only after the photo was taken.

She was absolutely exhausted by now, up for more than 7 hours!
By the time we got home, we decided she should just take a shower and have dinner.

This girl's a trooper. She was quite well behaved throughout the ferry ride and the long wait for a cab.

She even said goodbye to the cab uncle, which made his day. He told us how much he wanted a daughter but have two sons. 😅

The smile face we asked her to reenact. 😁

I love how we are making our own funny faces here and Clarissa looks the most normal of the three of us.

My heart's filled with happiness and gratitude.

Birthdays are a good reminder of how blessed I am to have the family and friends that I have.

Thank you! 😘