Ah-ah Reunited

Last night, happy reunion. 😁

My sis texted me to inform me that she was coming over.
Clarissa was with me so I told her, "Ah ah is coming tonight!"

She zoomed out of the study room and announced to her Yaya who was in the living room, "Ah ah comin'!"

While we were in her room getting her wiped and changed after her dinner, she heard the main door click open and said with a smile, "Ah ah?"

I told her it was Daddy, because Ah ah doesn't have our house keys, and she went, "Baba!"

When my sis #5, #1 and my dad came over, this little girl turned into a manja baby and smiled at them shyly while clinging onto me. 😂

But she warmed up very quickly, zooming around the house throwing balls and trying to balance them on her head.

And of course she made Ah-ah look through our photo albums with her.

When it was time for her to drink milk and sleep, she paused a few times in the midst of drinking to tell me, "Say byebye! Ah-ah. Da-yi. Wai-geum."

So I took her out of the room to say goodbye and goodnight. 😁

She continued talking about her yiyis while trying to fall asleep.

👶: Ah ah.. go hmm. SAY byebye!
👧: Yes, Wai-gong, Da-yi and Ah-ah have gone home. Tomorrow you can eat the cake Da-yi bought for you.
👶: Da-yi bot cake.
👧: Yes, Da-yi bought cake.
👶: Baby eat cake.

👶: (Puts a finger on her lips, eyes sparkling in the dark) Arhmm?
👧: No honey, you will eat the cake tomorrow. You should sleep now.
👶: Baby sleep?

So she turned away, closed her eyes, and said, "Mama, pat pat."