To someone who’s changed my life

Dear Clarissa

Is it September already?

Today is officially Day -60 to you turning 2 years old.

22 months ago, that minute I held you close on my chest, life has changed for me, for your Daddy, and for us as a family.

Days and nights aren't the same anymore. Work days feel much longer. Weekends feel too short. Packing for holidays feel like we are moving house. Business trips feel like they take forever to end.

I feel perpetually tired. I still wake up very easily in the middle of the night.

Just this morning, I jumped up from lying to standing position in 3 seconds flat when you knocked on our door.

And your Daddy got a shock too, not from your knocking but from me jumping up. 😂

But mostly, I feel happy. So happy that I sometimes run out of words to describe how happy and blessed I feel.

I love the way you run towards us, bursting with energy and purpose.

Or the way you insist on doing things your way, which includes looping a bag of waffles through your little wrist on your own and walking home like you own the street.

And insisting on walking despite complaining about the hot sun.

I love how much you love waffles, because it's my favourite food too.

I love how you always look like you have some mischief up your sleeves.

You pick things up quickly but you also get confused in your cute little ways.

You saw a little boy in the arms of his Daddy and you said to me, "Baby careyee Baba!" 😂

Because of the Zika virus, I've bought mosquito patches and repellents for you and our family. You were curious about the patches, so I explained to you that it is to prevent mosquitoes from biting Baby (that's the name you call yourself).

You took it all in and said to me, in all seriousness.. "Baby bite Meitos!" 😂

"No darling, it's mosquitoes biting Baby. We don't want that to happen, so you must use these mosquito patches," I said to you.

"Patch tomato?" You answered, your eyes sparkling like you've discovered something new.

I love talking to you about what you have done in school.

I'm glad it's now more than just eating rice and eating apple.

You tell us about playing with water, Tat N reading books, and you try to sing us a new song or show us a new dance move.

I never knew how much joy it'd bring me, seeing you so confident and happy splashing around and swimming in water.

I love that you have a mind of your own, even though that means you can be quite a handful sometimes.

While you sometimes tell your Daddy "No kiss!" when he kisses you goodnight, you also do not hesitate to walk up to him to give him a kiss, because you know that's what it takes to wake him up.

Sometimes you tell your Yaya "No tash!" when she tries to pat you to sleep but sometimes you stick your butt in front of us and say, "Pat pat! " when you want to sleep.

Everyday we learn something new about you, and with you.

I can't tell you how much joy you've brought to me, to your Daddy and to our families.

Your Daddy's smitten, simply by watching you sleep. He says even your fingers look perfect.

Your Ah-gong loves you so much, even though he tries not to look like it.
He drives all the way from the west to the east to pick you up from school on some days, simply "because of the haze" or "because it's going to rain".

It's really because he loves you, despite your headstrong ways, despite you refusing to do things he tells you to. He's probably secretly proud that you are like him, and your Daddy, in this aspect.

Life has indeed changed for me, for us, and it's for the better.

Thank you for filling up our lives and home with so much warmth, so much joy and so much laughter.

We love you very, very much.


#15letterchallenge – I was going to write you a letter anyway and the theme feels so apt.