Little miss mismatched. 😂

The back story behind her #ootd:

This morning we told her we're going to Ah-gong's place before swimming.
She got all pumped up about swimming, zoomed around the house with her swimming bag chanting, "Sming pool!"

So I got her changed into a pink tshirt that matches with this pair of shorts she's wearing.

And then she continued to zoom around the house, stopping by the coffee table to drink water.. and then spit water out like she's playing in the pool. 😤

Cue tshirt change #1.
Changed her into a white tshirt which still matches with her shorts.

And then I went into my room to get changed.

When I got out she was wearing this navy blue polka dot tshirt with green pants because she'd wet her tshirt again doing her swim spit so our helper got her changed.

I asked the hubs if I can change her shorts lol but he said, "Aiya we are just going to my dad's place."

So I continued packing up while she pestered our helper to put on shoes for her and the choice was brown socks with grey shoes. 😂

Yay to spontaneity!

She pestered us to put on shoes too and so we were out of the house 20 minutes before our planned timing. 😁

We are now on our way to my in-laws' and she's fast asleep after complaining to me about a mosquito bite.

It's like magic. I asked her to close her eyes, and she did, frowning, but half a minute later she'd already dozed off. 😁

I was too tired to dayre yesterday.

After tucking her in bed at 930pm, I fell asleep at 10pm.
On a Saturday night, yes.

We spent the entire day at home, playing with bricks, reading, pretending to be doctors, playing in the tent, and looking at photo albums.

She loves looking at our wedding album!

Who says wedding albums are a waste of money, when a little someone asks to look at it almost everyday and never ceases to be amazed by the photos. 😁

And makes the same observations.

Baba kiss Mama. Mama hug Baba!


She can't seem to tell the color of the bricks though.

No matter what I show to ask her "What color is this?", she'd laugh and say, "RED!"
I'd ask again and she'd grin and say,"BOO!" 😬

She's forming sentences nicely though.

This morning the hubs was in the kitchen frying carrot cake, and our helper was helping him.

Our boss was having her yoghurt in the living room and she asked me about Baba and Yaya.

So I told her Baba is cooking and Yaya is helping him.

She nodded and said:

Yaya help Baba cook!

Hehe much better than her "Duct-duct take. Mama!" (She wanted me to help her take her duck.)


She doesn't sit still for me to tie her hair properly and it always either takes bribes or lots of effort to tie her hair.

Yet whenever I'm done, she'd stand up suddenly and declare, "Meiyo!!"
And run to the mirror to admire her new hairstyle. 😂

She did it this morning – shouted something and ran away after I tied her hair. I didn't get her the first time, but Daddy did.

"She's running to the mirror lah," he told me in a half "I know it!" and half amused tone.

Sure enough she was standing in front of the full length mirror, tilting her head side to side, looking at her reflection and laughing. 😁😂

Why you so funny!


Back to regular swimming programming.

She was chanting "ming pool, ming pool" almost nonstop on our way back from Ah-gong's.

And her Daddy had to tease her, "No we are going back to Ah-gong's place!"

She protested with a resounding "No!" 😂

Post-swim #ootd.

She enjoyed herself!

She's missed half the classes this school term but thank goodness they updated the policy. No refund but we get one replacement lesson in the next term for each one we've missed this term.

That means we have to keep signing up for the next term to recover our losses but it's better than their previous policy of one replacement for every 2 sessions missed. 😬

I still feel very glad about our decision to let her go for swimming classes, and not forcing her to go for other ones like gym which she didn't enjoy.

I like that she feels happy and confident in water, and that it's great bonding with her Daddy.

Win win win, all round. 😁

Thought I should write about this before I forget / she fully understands the meaning of "ask". 😂

Recently, when she requests for something (tablet, toy, etc) or requires some help, I'd sometimes say to her, "Can you please ask Daddy?"

She'd turn to her Daddy and say:

Ask? Ask. Ask! ASK!


Daddy would look at her in amusement, not always knowing what she wants since it's such ambiguous request.

He'd ask her, "Ok but what are you asking for?"

And she'd stress her point further by responding with an even more resounding "ASK!" 😂

So we have to help her along by saying, "Do you want this?"

She says "Want!"; we ask her, "What must you say?"

And she says "Pizs!"

We give it to her.

World peace. ✌✌