0150: The company's online booking system managed to mess up my reservation.. Despite it being automated, ie tied to flight schedule. Was booked from Tuesday to Thursday instead of Monday to Wednesday.

Good thing they have a room for me, because they upgraded me to a huge ass suite.

And the bed comes with a bolster!

Ok, better sleep soon.

It's already 0230! *Gasp*

Good morning sunshine!

Hehe managed to catch the big and the small one on Skype on the way to school.

She was holding onto the phone and looking worried. Oops ponteng for a week and now she needs to adjust again. 😅

I had a scary moment after I entered the lift to head down for breakfast.

The lift was already reaching the ground floor when I realised..

I. Suddenly. Forgot. My. Room. Number.

I even forgot which floor I was on!

Luckily it all came back to me as I recollected the check-in process last night/this morning.

Dinner time!

Hungry after having only a slice of pizza for lunch and then an adventure trying to walk back to the hotel in the evening.

My sense of direction is really nonexistent. 😯

The weather's really bad in Guangzhou.

Hot, humid and polluted. 😥

I took 50 minutes to find my way back when it's supposed to be a less than 15 minutes walk.

By the time I got to my room I was covered in dust and sweat. 😅

As usual, Skyped with the big and small one, and continued working.

It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.

I thought of the idea of writing about my #weeirdtravels, because of my near boo boo this morning.

But my eyelids feel so heavy now…