It's a super long day in office today.
Started at 830am and (just) finished at 10pm.

So the hubs has been sending me photo and text updates while I sit in the video conference call.

I really love this stage! The things she says really surprise and delight me so much. 😁

And I also get goofy pictures like this.

I got home just before she fell asleep.

It was already 1030pm but she'd taken 2 pretty long naps throughout the day, a total of 5 hours in fact.

She saw me in semi darkness, broke out into a smile and said, "Mama!"

I lay down beside her as she took my hand and told me, "Mama, pat pat."

So I hummed a good night song and patted her back. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep, tossing and turning a little.

And then she reached out to hold my hand before she eventually dozed off.