The situation at school pick-up: A little girl walked out from the classroom happily, and smiled while walking towards me.

Took her shoes out from the cabinet and said, "Hey, baby!" pointing at her own picture. 😁😂

Voluntarily said goodbye to the school officer very chirpily and even hugged her.

Talked a lot on our way home.

She insisted on walking on her own but listened to my instructions whenever I told her to hold my hand or walk this/that way.

I told her "no playground today" and she didn't even try her luck. 😅

I carried her when we had to cross the road and she said, "Mama careyee baby." And then she pointed at her own nose and said, "Baby, walk. Want?" 😂


Such a good girl today!
But still manages to look cheeky .

Clarissa says (and sings)

Before we entered the lift she saw the neighbourhood cat.

👶: Cat sleep. (Lowered her voice and put her finger on her lips) Ssshhh.


She refused to take her nap so I asked her, "What do you want to do? I'll let you do one more thing before you sleep."

👶: (Thought about it) Read book.


Before falling asleep on our bed, she was looking for our Piggy soft toy.

👶: Pig! (Squeezes pig's nose with both hands) Oink oink oink.

We discovered later this evening that she knows quite a number of sounds made by various animals.

👦: What does the duck say?
👶: Quack!

Bird? Tweet.
Dog? Woof.
Cat? Meow.

I don't know it's the school or YouTube that taught her all these but we are very impressed.


While watching the table tennis match on TV, the opponent of the Singapore women's team missed a shot.

👶: (Exclaimed suddenly) OH! (Looked at screen frowning) Where's the ball?


After dinner, she took me to the study room and wanted me to show her our photo albums.

This is her recent favorite activity. She'll make me take out our wedding albums and flip through the pages one by one.

👶: Mama, sit down. (Points at cupboard) Take. Albom!

👧: (Did as told) Which one?

👶: (Points at one of the albums) Dis!

I took it out and she flipped through the first page.

👶: (Realises it's not what she wants). No. (Closes album)


I asked her to help me keep the loose photos she took out.

👧: Can you keep the photos for me please?

👶: (Took one of the photos from the lot) Baby, hold.

👧: Ok you can hold on to this one but can you keep the rest?

👶: (Pushed my hand towards the photos instead) Mama, do.

I realised she was trying to say "keep" but stopped midway when she realised she couldn't pronounce the word, so she said "do" instead.

Which is quite impressive?

Because it shows her understanding of the word "do" and how it can be used as a substitute verb for "action".


While trying to make her nap (yet again) I told her I needed to work.

👶: Mama werk.

👧: Yes, Mama needs to work.

👶: Baba, werk.

👧: Yes, Baba is at work now. You should sleep.

👶: Baby, sleep? No. Duct-duct sleep. (Puts her palms together and tucks them underneath her ear) Bolser?

👧: Yes bolster also sleeps.

👶: Ah-Bert?

👧: Tablet is sleeping because it needs to rest.

👶: (Frowning, unconvinced) Phone?

👧: The phone is also sleeping. Everyone is sleeping.

👶: Ah ma sleep?

👧: Yes, Lao-ma is taking her nap now.

👶: Ah-ma werk?

👧: No no Ah-ma is not working. Mama needs to work.

👶: Ah-geum sleep? Gugu, hi!




I have surely missed capturing some conversations with her, because all these happened just today and it is just one day of working from home.

Besides discovering the new words and sentences she says and her toddler train of thought, I also realised that she can sing!

Last night she sang the first line of "Twinkle twinkle little star" on repeat mode before bedtime.

Tonight she sang the entire song in Chinese, missing just a few words and notes here and there.

But it is a legit 一闪一闪亮晶晶, and all six verses of it.

It is both a surprise and joy to our ears.

She also sang the first line of "泥娃娃, 泥娃娃, 一个泥娃娃" to me!

She's been singing one liners of songs like "Row row row the boat" and "Rain rain go away", but the 一闪一亮晶晶 really takes the trophy. 😁

I'm quite sure the school teachers taught her all the Chinese songs because they are not on the YouTube kids videos she watches.

So although her standard answer to our question of what she did in school is always "Eat apple. Eat rice. Clap. Dance!" I know she does and learns more than that.

Such as..

Coloring with baby duct-duct.

Doing handicraft..

Yet not a fan of paint. 😂

Running (with Daddy).

Training to be a little sportswoman.

"Now what do I do with this hula hoop again?"

Having fun..

Learning and (hopefully) enjoying herself at the same time. 😁