I'm still on my way home. 😩

Decided not to waste money getting stuck in traffic and spend an hour in a cab trying to get home.

So, train, it is.

Takes more than an hour but $2 versus erm $40?

The good news is that Clarissa's teacher posted new pictures of the class activities!

Not-so good thing is that M1's data coverage is really bad. I kept getting stuck. 😀

They had a pre workshop training today for their sports day next Friday.

Here's our baby looking lost.

"What am I supposed to do and why should I do it? πŸ˜‚

"Erm.. So where are we going?"

"Why is he standing so close to me?"

According to the teacher's description, the kids didn't want to participate at first because they were not familiar with the instructors who were from an external group specialising on sports workshops for kids.

Eventually some of them joined in while some of them watched their friends play.

I'm glad she participated! 😁

This week the kids are taught to sing and dance to this song about raindrops and part of the song goes β€œStanding outside with my mouth open wide, ah ah ah ah”. The children would raise their heads up and sing along.

Apparently this is their favourite part of the song.

Check out our girl ☝.
She looks like she's saying, "What are you guys doing?" πŸ˜…

I laughed out loud when I saw this picture in the train. πŸ˜‚

Friend A and Friend B: Ah ah ah ah, let's collect all the rain!

πŸ‘Ά: Whoa whoa whoa! How do you drink SO MUCH rain?

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