Conversation with Clarissa

Guess what she's doing?

(The blurred photo is not an effect. It's my hand trembling because I have to snap it quickly before she discovers the phone in my hand. 😂)

Tee-ee (Kitty) all swaddled and snug and ready to sleep.

She even hummed a tune while patting Tee-ee oh-so lovingly in her arms. 😍

But she herself?
Refused to nap until now.
(It's 13:35 and she's down for her first nap omg long day ahead. 😅)


So we were flipping through one of her books and we came across the picture of a car.

👶: Kar!
👧: Yes that's a car!
👶: Baba!
👧: Yes, Baba drives the car. How does Baba drive the car?
👶: (Moves her hands like she's dancing)
👧: Where is Clarissa in the car?
👶: Baby, sit.
👧: Oh, Clarissa sits in the car?
👶: (Holds my hand) Mama, sit.

Hahaha sounds like a legit conversation.

Gave her some youtube time as an incentive to take a nap (please don't judge).

She was scrolling through the videos like a boss and telling me what she wanted to watch.

She clapped her hands so I figured it would be the "if you are happy and you know it song". Found the video and played it.

She was dancing and clapping along very happily when she suddenly bent over and gave me a kiss! On my lips!

Lol awww why so loving one!

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