Today marks our 12th year anniversary since we started dating.

No celebration except for a "staycation".. with the little boss at the hospital.

She woke up at 4am asking for milk, so we gave her some, together with antibiotics.

She drank up and fell asleep promptly. I thought it was all good so I went back to my room to sleep.

But I heard her coughing just two minutes later, and she'd thrown up all her milk.

So we cleaned her up and I made her sleep again. She woke up crying for milk again so we made her some again. She drank up but couldn't go back to sleep because she wanted more.

I hesitated to give her more because the doctor said not to give her too much milk or water in one go.

But she protested so I carried her out to the kitchen to make more milk.

On our way to the kitchen she puked everything out, and continued gagging even though there was nothing left for her to throw up. 😢

We cleaned up and decided to take her to the hospital again.

We brought her to the children's emergency on Wednesday morning, right after I got home.

She'd puked twice just before I came back. We described her condition to the doctor, and he got her to do a blood test and xray.

While waiting for the results she was given some anti-vomit meds and we were asked to give her glucose water every 15 minutes to see if she could keep it down.

The blood test was done via a prick on her finger and it definitely hurt, even after the nurse put a plaster on her finger.

She kept frowning and showing me the plaster on her finger. 😂 She also showed it to my FIL, who was there with us, waiting.

The xray was as traumatising. She was made to sit on a metal box with me grabbing her hands and holding them up for the xray of her chest to be taken.

So when the doctor called her full name over the PA system to get us to return for the diagnosis, she tried to run away. 😂

The lung xray looked patchy on one side, while her blood test result was thankfully ok. She was diagnosed with bronchi-pneumonia, which the doctor said wasn't too serious.

She has to be on antibiotics for 10 days but her fever should start clearing up within 2 days.

The antibiotics dosage was HUGE. 12.4ML 3X a day for 10 days. Crazy shit.

Because she puked at least twice a day, we weren't exactly sure if the meds even got into her system.

Her appetite was poor and the only time she'd ask for milk was in the wee hours of the morning. She'd eat only a third of her usual porridge for lunch and dinner, and have nothing except water in between.

Her fever fluctuated and never really went away.

So really.. after seeing her in so much pain and generally not being herself, we decided to take her to the hospital again.

For the first time in weeks she clung onto our helper instead and didn't want to leave the house with us. 😂

The doctor in charge (who looked like he was in a bad mood) said to admit her so they could monitor her.

The admission didn't take long, although we were bummed that there was no single room left.

I thought I was the atas one between the two of us, but the hubs actually asked me, "Should we go to a private hospital that has a single room?" 😂😂

I actually thought I might need to convince him to get a single room instead of a four-bedder but nope, this is a father's love. 😅

Anyway there wasn't a choice so we took the four-bedder. It's not too bad, just that we get all the baby shushing machine nonsense and crying babies in general.

Complaining about the prick and plaster on her finger.

I wish she was this fiesty throughout the day, but most of the time she was either sleeping or dozing off with her hands holding onto mine. 😢

This is quite scary.

Her food intake was close to nothing.

120ml of milk in the morning, 5-6 spoonfuls of porridge in the afternoon, 2 slices of apples, 1/2 a small piece of cake in the late afternoon.. and nothing else since then.

Every time a nurse or a doctor.. or the housekeeper walked near her bed, she'd sit up and cry for mama.


The worst part of this ordeal is that the senior doctor in charge came up with a different diagnosis and decided to just treat her for her symptoms and stop the antibiotics treatment for now.

She did the blood test again, which turned out ok, so now we are just waiting for the swab test results.

I don't mind whatever diagnosis but please just tell me our baby would be ok soon?

It just made that earlier prescription of 12.4ml × 3 times a day × 10 days really ridiculous. 😬

It's 21:50 now and the little one has been asleep for an hour already. I'm staying over with her tonight (they allow one parent only) and I'm feeling quite worried about that 3am/4am feed.

I hope her fever goes away and she wakes up happy and healthy.

Mushy much. 😅

Always glad to have you as my tag-team partner!

Now, let me try to get some sleep while the babies continue screaming outside.


So much for trying to sleep earlier.

Another baby got admitted and the doctors created a ruckus trying to check her etc.

Baby was screaming the room down.

Clarissa woke up, looked at me and then used her duckie to cover her ears.. and went back to sleep. 😂

Now I'm lying down listening to some Chinese cartoon playing in the adjacent bed, and two out of the four beds have full lights on.

Whatever happened to lights out at 9pm?!