Leaving with a heavy heart, sick baby and tired husband at home.

Her cold became worse last night, and we had a rough night.
She was on high defense mode against the iliadin drip, and even resorted to covering her nose with one hand as she slept.
I woke up every hour to see if I had the opportunity to drip a drop into her nostril, but even the slightest move of her bolster away from her face made her cry. 😢

She woke up at 7am in a pretty good mood but developed a fever as we were returning home from my in-laws'.

I fed her lunch, gave her meds and made her sleep. She was still sleeping when I had to leave for the airport. Her fever seemed to have subsided but when the hubs called her fever was still at 38 degree celsius, slightly down from 38.8 earlier. 😢

I contemplated postponing the trip but didn't in the end. If this trip were just for meetings I would have done that without hesitation.

But it's for research and I have to lead a team.

Either way, I lose.

I'm a half past six mother and a half past six manager/employee.

This sucks.

I can only hope that Clarissa feels better by tomorrow, and the hubs gets some rest. 😢