Buckling up to go to school this morning.

She waved goodbye to our helper rather gleefully, only to find that she was coming with her.

We dropped our helper and Clarissa off before driving off to work, while our helper dropped Clarissa off in school.

As usual, Clarissa cried.
Our helper followed her into the breakfast area (and was told off by one of the teachers, oops).

She told me Clarissa looked "so pitiful". Sigh.

As usual, she cried when our helper picked her up.

When we got home tonight she was her usual bossy and sticky self.
She refused to let me go into my room to get changed, pointed to the sofa, pushed my knees in gently and said:

Sit. Down.

Wah I couldn't believe my ears!
She said "Sit. Down."!
Two words! Grammatically correct!
Complete with a firm and bossy tone.

She said it a few times so I'm sure it wasn't a fluke. I kept asking the hubs, "Did you hear what she said did you hear what she said?"
(He said yes.)

Aww so bossy and so cute lah!


I didn't manage to do a proper developmental update but here are some words she has been saying consistently and using correctly:

(Lights, she demands to switch on when she's not ready to sleep)
(Rice, her favourite food)
(When she eats things she likes)
(Referring to my elder sis, her Da-yi)
(Her ru-yi-you, ointment for the stomach, all rolled into one word)
(Milk-milk, most frequently requested drink these days)

It's funny how most kids refer to milk as a two-syllabus word. I usually just refer to it as "Milk" or "Mi-lu-ku" so I wonder where she picked this up from.

She also recognises herself on pictures and when we ask her "Who is this?", she would point at her own nose, referring to herself. 😁