3rd Day of School

Spot the little boss. #mamarazzi

I didn't give her time to warm up today. Her Chinese teacher took her as I waved goodbye and she cried.

I walked back 5 minutes later (like a thief) and saw that she'd stopped crying.


I walked out to the holding area to ask her assistant teacher to please give her some milk later.

Breakfast wasn't to her liking so I made milk for her, but she refused to drink it. Probably because she wanted to go for assembly. 😅

So I left the milk in a bowl of hot water on the shelf outside her classroom.

Now I'm not sure if she'd still be excited about going to school and going for assembly on Monday.

I stood and watched her from the holding area as they walked towards the classroom.

Saw her running away from her teacher, crying. 😢

She was ok after they put her in the ball pit. 😂

Reminded her teacher about the milk again, and I left the school.

Today all the 3 new kids are crying.
Even the very well-adjusted girl and the boy, as usual.

The real challenge starts next week.
The drop-off would happen at the holding area as we won't be allowed to enter the classrooms anymore.

Last night, the little boss insisted on drinking milk on our bed and protested when we tried to bring her back to her room to sleep.

So we let her sleep in our room.

As I tried to sing her to sleep, she started humming some tune or song she wanted to hear.

I couldn't make out what she was trying to sing; I only knew it wasn't "twinkle twinkle little star" or "head and shoulders" because she'd have gestured a blinking star or touched her head if that was what she had in mind.

So I sang whatever came to mind. 😅

Maybe it was a new song she learned in school.

She got very restless after a while. It was already past 10pm (so much for trying to sleep earlier) but she was still flipping and turning around.

So I put on my stern tone and said, "Clarissa!"

I thought it'd scare her a little and make her less fidgety; it usually works.

But last night, she cried so sadly I immediately hugged her to calm her down. 😢

She did, and we both lay in bed quietly.

And then she said, "Mama?", her sweet voice breaking the silence of the night, as if she was telling me not to be angry with her.

"Yes, honey? Mommy's not angry with you. I just want you to sleep early because you have school tomorrow."

"Mama," She said again, touching my face before she turned to hug a pillow, and eventually fell asleep.


She stirred at 5:45am.

I got up to make some milk for her.

"Meh Meh!" She whispered happily when she saw the milk bottle.

"Mama," She said as she put the bottle into her mouth and drank away, the entire bottle.

"Duct duct," she said after she finished her milk and we fumbled in semi darkness to look for her duckie soft toy.

We found it, she hugged it happily and went back to sleep.

07:15am, the hubs and I got up to get changed while she continued sleeping.

We woke her up and watched our little sleepyhead make sense of what was happening.

"It's time to go to school!" We told her.

She got up with a sparkle in her eye but when we tried to get her changed, she refused and ran out to the living room, and stood in front of the shoe cabinet, blocking her Daddy from taking his shoes and leaving the house without her.

"You have to get changed first!" Daddy said. "We won't leave without you!"

Something clicked in her little mind and she willingly walked back to her room on her own, all adults marching behind her for extra assurance.

And then she gleefully waved our helper goodbye and did a little dance as the lift door opened.

Today, the hubs dropped us off and drove to work. She waved goodbye to Daddy and topped it off with a flying kiss.

At breakfast though, she would ask me from time to time, "Baba?"
I'd explain to her that Daddy is at work and we'll all see her tonight.

I'm not sure how much she understands us but I hope she eventually would.


Me-time in the dark.

The little one fell asleep within three minutes of turning off the lights.

She was little miss sticky magnet since returning from school, and very bossy too.

Even though she was tired, she refused to let me leave her room to let our helper make her sleep.
Pointed at the spot next to her on the mattress and made me sit there.

Then she decided she wanted to eat some puffs. Pointed at the spot next to her on the sofa and made me sit there.

Finally managed to slip out of her room and she fell asleep.

I went into a 1.5-hour conference call but heard her crying for mama after she'd barely slept for an hour.

Once my call ended I was about to check on her, but she was already knocking on my door. 😅

For the rest of the day she wouldn't let me do anything except hold her hand or sit beside her.

I tried moving away to sit on my chair while she sat on the floor engrossed with a book but it'd usually last less than a minute.

She'd come running, just about three steps away, calling "Mama!" and taking my hand to pull me away from my chair.

Wipe-down was the same. Our helper would be using the handkerchief to wipe her, but the little boss would intercept it and put it in my hand instead.
"You do it, Mommy." She was saying. 😂

Same with the diaper, wet wipes, change of clothes. She'd take her pants from our helper and pass it to me!

Same with dinner.
Our helper wanted to feed her but she protested and pointed at me.
Gestured me to sit down and take the spoon. 😂😂

Oh my oh my, such stickiness.

I guess it's a heightened sense of separation anxiety after school? Now that she realised I can be away from her while she's away from home?

Sigh, poor girl. All I want is for her to enjoy school and have fun, not for her to feel scared that she'd be away from home and us.

Her teachers told me she's the most well-behaved of all the new kids.

Another new boy joined the class today so there were 5 crying babies in her class of 9 – the 4 new kids, all crying today, and 1 boy who'd been there for a few weeks already.

Like yesterday, Clarissa cried once she saw me at pick-up and dramatically walked towards me while sobbing, like she was in a Korean drama.

Perhaps she was most well-behaved because she cried the least among her classmates. 😂

I actually feel very proud of her!
She's been very brave and very strong, to hold back some of her fears and tears while making sense of her surroundings.

Her teachers said she responds to music and songs, and would dance along despite feeling upset and stressed.

So, I can take the stickiness; it's her coping mechanism.

Perhaps that's her way of managing school – since Mommy is away from me while I'm in school, I shall make sure she sticks to me while I'm at home.

I think she likes school.
Because despite crying like I've abandoned her, she protested and wanted to go back into the school after I carried her out of the door. 😅

Make up your mind, honey! 😂

Now I'm beginning to dread the two upcoming business trips in June – one of them is a week long omgwtfbbq. 😬

I hope she won't think I've really abandoned her. 😢