First day of school!

Today is The Day we have been preparing ourselves for, for the past two weeks.

The first day of (Play)School!

Daddy putting on shoes for her.

She was in a good mood this morning, so happy to be leaving the house with us she waved goodbye to our helper almost too gleefully.

We reached the school around 8am and sat her down for breakfast.

Oats with sweet potato, which she liked.. though she choked on the sweet potato. 😯

She eventually finished up and placed the bowl in the collection tray on her own!

I asked her teacher to please take note and perhaps help smash up her food a little more, because she is not very good at chewing.

And then it was assembly time where all the toddlers and kids gathered to sing the national anthem and take the pledge, followed by a song and movement/dance session.

She went to the assembly area on her own while we stood on the outside, separated by a low wall.

In the same assembly square, there were two other new students today, a boy and a girl; both are her classmates.

The boy cried hysterically throughout the assembly – his mom and grandma were in school with him but deliberately stayed out of sight.

The girl's mom was in the assembly square with her as the girl walked around on her own, exploring the place while the other students sang and danced.

.. While our girl stuck her back to the wall and watched from afar. For a good 10 minutes, she simply stood and observed quietly, at times turning to look at us.

And then her knees started moving as she bobbed up and down to the music.

And then, she peeled herself off the wall.

And then, she turned to look at us, smiled, and continued dancing.

And then, without us prompting, she walked towards the centre of the assembly area to join her schoolmates.

I am unable to fully describe that moment. I think my heart gave itself a little squeeze and I felt like squeezing the hubs' hand and giving our girl a big hug.

But I did not, because. Aiyah cannot be too emo. 😂

I watched her standing among her schoolmates, trying to dance along.. and I felt so proud of her.

From time to time, she'd turn around to spot us and do a cheeky face but she was comfortable staying where she was.

She even sat down with the class!

But not for long as she started walking around to kaypo..

The bigger boys. 😅

She was pointing at them and they seemed amused by her.

"There's a baby in our class!" I overheard the boy say to his teacher as they walked to their respective classrooms. 😁

Playtime after assembly and before class.

She played ball with her fellow first-day-of-school classmate while we chatted with her mom.

Her classmate is born in November so we asked Clarissa to call her "mei mei". She has a sibling in the same school, which might explain why she seemed quite at home, walking around the room.

#mamarazzi lesson time!

She had no problem following the teacher into the classroom so we simply watched from outside.

Here they were sitting down drinking water.

I have no idea what they did in class, because we went out for breakfast. 😂

Note to self: Must watch tomorrow.

We got back when they were about to have lunch.

We asked her Chinese teacher about how Clarissa did in class. She did well! No crying or anything. 😊

But her teacher also said that sometimes it might be because they are too overwhelmed or too wowed by the newness of everything that they are not reacting.. yet.

So some kids might be ok on the first few days, but start crying after that, when they fully realise what they are into.

I certainly hope this isn't the case for Clarissa!

Lunch time!

She wanted me to sit with her but refused to let me or her teacher feed her.

She ate with gusto. 😂

But she got tired and wanted to eat directly from the bowl.

She even ditched the spoon, held the bowl up and tried to pour the rice into her mouth like she was drinking soup. 😂

I had to stop her from pouring rice all over herself. I also tried to feed her but she rejected my help and took the spoon again.

Fed herself and tried to feed me too.

She finished everything, although I think half of it went to the floor.

She put her bowl away and was led to to the waiting area outside the bathroom.

The teacher made them sit down to wait for their turn to take a shower. 😁

She sat still for about two minutes before she started roaming around.

Took her duckie out of her bag and started lying down like this. 😂

She protested a little when her teacher whisked her off the shower, but since I didn't hear any major protest, I did not follow them into the bathroom.

She came out of the shower looking all fresh and clean.

I could tell she was sleepy by then, because she wanted me to carry her and didn't want to go back into the classroom.

Anyway we'd planned for her to go home around 1230pm so we let her be, and got her to wave goodbye to her teachers.

Our helper was already here to pick her up so we dropped them off at home before driving to office.

On my way to work, my head was still spinning from the boy's crying and kids' chatter. 😂

Kudos to the teachers!
It's a really tough job.

Something that warmed my heart this morning was seeing a girl hug her teacher. As the girl looked older than the rest and it's the June holidays now, I figured that she must have been a former student returning to her kindy to say hi to her teacher. 😊

It's nice to see this kind of teacher-student relationship.

I hope Clarissa learns to develop meaningful bonds like this with her classmates and teachers.

I hope she enjoys learning, not only through school activities but also from her interaction with friends around her age.

When I got home this evening, I asked her if she enjoyed school.

She said to me, "Mei mei!"

So I guess it's a yes. 😅

Got her to sleep earlier than usual and she dozed off while drinking milk.

Apparently she'd napped until 250pm (from around 1pm) and refused to sleep after that. She usually takes two naps in a day so she must have been really exhausted!

Sweet dreams, our darling, and I hope you'd enjoy school tomorrow, and many days and years after, as much as you did today. 😘