History repeats itself.

Dozed off humming the bedtime tune. Not sure who fell asleep first. 😂

She stirred and cried a little at 12ish and I woke up to use the toilet.

It's been a long day since I woke up at 9am to the sound of the little boss knocking on the door. 😁

I think I fell asleep at 5am.

So the carpenters were here to fix the built-in cabinets.

And I spent the day trying to keep the little one out of the mess and dust, in the only unaffected area – our room.

She did well, managed to take two short naps and play a little, though she kept wanting to get out of the room.

I carried her to watch the carpenter fix the door, and told her, "See, uncle is fixing the door onto the cabinet."

And she kept watching and calling out, "Angker, Angker (Uncle)!" 😅

Quite accurate, the pronunciation.

But why, baby, why is it that you can pronounce "uncle" so well but cannot say "ah gong" or "wai gong" or "wai po" properly? 😅

I tried to show her how to pronounce "gong" and she looked at me very intently, squeezed her lips into a tiny goldfish pout as if she was trying to say the word, but nothing came out.
And then she just smiled cheekily and turned away lol.

I got some relief when my dad dropped by in the early evening.

They chilled in front of the TV while I tackled the huge pile of clothes to be kept back into the cabinets.

And also to check on the almost-finished cabinets.

Overall small glitches here and there that still need to be fixed but we are quite happy with the overall look and feel. (More pictures in the morning.)

Because the shoe cabinet was partially blocking the TV. 😂

10 days away from her, and I feel like she's becoming even more like a little girl.. ok, and maybe a little samseng. 😅

She cries really sadly when you refuse to give her something she wants (usually the phone, or our water bottles), yet when the 10 minutes with the mobile phone or tablet is up, she willingly returns it to you.

My mom was very impressed when she did that the night before.

The little boss was happily going around the room fiddling with everyone's phones one by one, flipping through pictures and pressing the "play" button on videos with superb precision. 😂

Then she got to Grandma's phone and did the same until I reminded her that she can only play for 5 more minutes.

When the 5 minutes were up, I asked her to return the phone to Grandma.

She expertly pressed the start button to exit the app, and coolly returned the phone to my mom.
My mom was surprised and asked her, "You don't want to play with it anymore?"
She shook her hand to say no, and slided off the sofa to look for her next toy.

I honestly feel quite proud hahaha though I hope we/she can keep this up.


Late start this morning.

I finally fell asleep after 4am.
Had to use the heated eye mask for 3 nights in a row now.

I woke up at 0830, peeked out of the mask and saw our little girl lying next to me (Daddy took the floor/mattress last night because he didn't want to spread his flu to her), awake and simply staring/blinking at the ceiling.

She saw me looking at her and I stretched out my hand to her. She reached out and held my hand, but continued to be deep in her own thoughts.

I closed my eyes and tried to snooze a bit more, still she simply held onto my hand, looking at me quietly.

It was only when I removed the mask and turned over to say good morning to her that she smiled and sat up.

Aww. I'm not even sure how long she's been awake for, just lying down waiting for us to wake up.

After having her morning milk, she started following Daddy around the house and conveniently plopped herself to sit on his lap while he tried to fix some issues with the CCTV.

We took her downstairs to get breakfast and her favourite mini size packet of Wang Wang biscuits that is now available again. Without me prompting she said bye bye to the cashier after I paid. 😁

Shared some of my noodles with her which she ate with gusto, and erm with her fork and her hands. Compete mess. 😂

She's also back to loving bread!
I gave her some toast and showed her how to eat it.

Usually I'd give it to her in bite sizes but this morning I gave her a bigger piece and taught her to bite into it before pulling off the rest of the bread.

She immediately caught on and got very excited about it. Every time she finished a piece she'd do a little dance and ask for more.

She finished a slice of bread on her own. 😊

When the hubs turned on the TV to watch NBA, she immediately shouted "BALL!" while doing a slam dunk.

Super high this morning.

Study room cabinet.

This is the best angle I can capture.
We love this!

The initial design already came with a combination of open and closed shelves but we asked more shelves.
Color was initially black on the outside and white inside, which I didn't like, so I suggested white on the outside and perhaps green inside to match the feature wall opposite, which is green lol.


Our ID redid the 3D drawings and I thought it looked good.

So here it is!
The carpenter thought it was nice and wanted to build something like this for his kid.

Paused packing to take the girl for her swimming class.

They stopped allowing parents to sit around the ledge so the hubs took this picture from level one.

Very precious one take only because after that she turned towards the pool and kept wanting to jump into the water.

I took the class with her today because the hubs hasn't fully recovered.

Picture is super zoomed in since he has to take it from a distance.
So glad I managed to capture videos and pictures of her first two lessons before they became strict about the rules.

As usual, she enjoyed her class today though she was quite uncooperative when it came to the task of dropping toys into the basket.

She said "No, no" very firmly, in front of the teacher, when I asked her to put the toys in the basket. 😅

Other than that the lesson went well and I managed to "dunk" her a few times without much trouble.
Arms aching now though. 😂