London Day 6

No. Joke. 😂

90% of what you see here are for Clarissa.

This includes: Some 12 Tshirts ranging from 12-18M to 24-36M in sizes, a random singlet, 3 cotton shorts, 3 denim shorts, 2 cotton pants, 1 harem pants, 2 cotton dresses, 2 rompers, 2 caps, 5 hair ties, 2 pairs of shoes and a set of Chelsea jersey.

Phew whew.

Our flight is at 8pm so we are packing up and checking out first.

Gonna have brunch and do more shopping. Hope we can find nice things to buy for our family and helper, for taking care of Clarissa while we were away.

This shopping haul isn't the most satisfying. #firstworldproblems

This is a very random thing to write about, but for this trip, I bought some travel size toiletries from a neighbourhood convenience store.

Not much variety and my usual brands of shower foam were not available. Out of novelty I picked this lemon fresh something, thinking, wow not bad, fresh like lemon.

Little did I expect that it would smell exactly like the dishwasher. 😂
It also smelt vaguely like a floor cleaner wtf.

So every night after we took turns to shower, the hubs would step out of the bathroom announcing:

Dear, I've done the dishes.


Very legit.

Spot the ketchup.