GVA Day 4

Finally got to stand and stare a little, and smell some flowers along the way.

Wrapped up work around 630pm, got back to the hotel for a quick change of shoes and took a walk along the lake with my colleague.

It was still bright!

In fact night falls only after 8pm, which is really cool.

We walked along the lake, across the bridge, to the nearby square for dinner at a random Italian restaurant.

Scenery like this makes me happy.

Even the trees look quaint and cute.

Not as cute as our little one, of course. 😁

Earlier this afternoon in Geneva, 9pm in Singapore.

Snuck out for a quick Skype with the little one and the big one before the big one leaves for the airport.

She was leaning close to the computer to give me a hug. 🙆

I miss her so much! I keep feeling like she's grown up while I'm away. 😢

The hubs said he felt emo about leaving her at home. 😯

Ahh! See you in a week's time!