Had two consecutive nights of work conference calls.

I left office at 5ish today, got home at 6ish hoping to spend time with the little boss.
She woke up at 645pm so I carried her while our helper prepared her dinner.

I told her that I had 2 calls tonight so I'd only be able to play with her after the calls.

She clung onto me and refused to sit in her chair. I explained to her again and said, ok I'll have my dinner with her.

She obliged and sat down.

So I had dinner with a ear phone in one ear and eyes on the little boss.

Sigh but she was whiny and refused to eat. Kept calling mama, mama.

My phone was on mute so I tried to feed her but still she refused to eat.

In the end I called for a time-out and asked our helper to put the food back into the slow cooker.

I guess the tablet might have helped but I really didn't want to give in to her tantrums. So far we haven't given her the tablet during meal times since that one incident.

She followed me around the house and broke into tears when I refused to let her look at my phone. 😐

So I spent ten minutes with her looking at photos from the zoo, while still listening in to the conference.

Our helper already had dinner by then (I asked her to) and took her to the bathroom to shower.

And then the hubs got home, made sure she ate properly and brought her downstairs for a walk. 😊

What a day!

In a way I'm glad it's Thursday in 5 minutes' time yet I'm also dreading it because renovation starts on Friday and I feel very unprepared for it.

And I haven't started packing for the trip. Don't know how to pack when the house is going to be so messy!