Clarissa and her “Bah!”

I can watch this over and over again.

This little girl really loves playing with her "Bah!". 😍

These days, almost every weekday evening, the hubs would bring her downstairs for a walk after dinner.

The little boss would be all eager and impatient as the hubs finishes his dinner, and the minute he stands up from the table, she would start following him around.

It's 28 kinds of cute, seeing her trot after her Daddy as he walks into the room to change into a tshirt, and walks out to drink water, take tissue paper, throw tissue paper..

She follows closely behind him and sometimes tries to hug his legs to stop him in his tracks so he'd finally carry her.

She then lets us put on her shoes before dashing to the gate, almost jumping in excitement as Daddy unlocks the gate.
He'd scoop her up and she'd turn to wave goodbye at us, shyly at times, gleefully at times.

And they'd always return looking all sweaty and happy.

I'd ask the little one, so how many cats did you see tonight?

She'd smile and sigh, as if to say, this is between Daddy and I.
It's a secret.


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