So Day 2 started with Yoga class by the pool.

The instructor is from Africa and he sounded like a DVD voiceover.

"Welcome. To. Power. Yoga.
Power, yoga. Stretching, is at 6pm. Not, this class."
It was really tough! 😅

Joined these two at the pool after Yoga.
I think she's having fun swimming and walking (and climbing stairs) everyday.

There was a Korean boy who kept chasing the hubs and Clarissa around the pool.

We couldn't understand each other (despite all the Korean dramas I've watched) but he actually gave Clarissa this arm float when she signalled for it.

I tried asking him in my half past six Korean where his parents were.

Instead of responding, he started following the hubs around and calling him "Appa". 😅
And the hubs kept clarifying, "No no I'm not your Appa! I'm her (pointing at Clarissa) Appa!"

And then it was late breakfast for us and I decided to do the angmo thing with Clarissa, ie put rice cereals on the tray and let her self feed.

It kept her occupied and we could have our breakfast without rushing.

Hmm, these rice cereals are very legit.

What? There's one stuck on my chin?
I'm keeping it for supper later, Mommy.

Now can you please wipe my hands, Mommy? 😅

I took her to the kids room while the hubs went windsurfing.
No matter what toys I tried to distract her with, she kept going back to the stairs fml! 😂

Took her to the beach to watch Daddy.
I put her down on the pavement next to the sand. She stared at the sand for 10 seconds and took a step forward to stand on the beach!
The last time we came, she refused to even go near the sand. Now she's dragging me along to walk on it lol. 😁

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