1 Feb

Dropped by h&m since I reached Raffles Place slightly earlier than usual.

Saw this cap that said "BB club" and I knew I had to get it for the little boss.

Only $9.90 and since I still have the gift card from my elder sis..#buybuybuy.

She has been playing with my caps! Lol. So how about playing with your own.

She took it off and put it on again on her own, her way.
Blurred picture but I like it because she was so excited about her new look she flashed me her cheeky hiphop face. 😅

Very pleased with her new look.

And even took a wefie with me.

But 10 seconds later, she wondered why she couldn't take the cap off as easily as the first time. 😅

It's official!

Announcements have been made today to my current and future business units.

I feel very fortunate, from the bottom of my heart, to have great bosses, mentors and coworkers who look out for me and who genuinely have my best interests at heart.

I didn't request for this move but I'm lucky to meet bosses who know me well enough and who care enough to make things happen for me.

I'll always be grateful for the opportunity and more importantly, the people who jumped through hoops and hurdles to make this possible.

Indeed, the best new year's gift.

I'm not sure if I can perform up to expectations in such a tough role, but for the people who believe in me, I'll try my hardest.

I'm looking forward to 1st February; exciting times ahead!