I didn't know that watching basketball together can be so mushy. πŸ˜…

Little boss woke up at 630am this morning.
I carried her out of her cot and left her with our helper to feed her while I tried to go back to sleep.
I heard our helper trying to make her sleep after her feed (she sometimes goes back to sleep after drinking), but little boss seemed to be chatting with her instead.

At 7am, a little girl stumble-walk-ran into our room (with our helper holding her), announcing her arrival very loudly and excitedly:


So I spent about an hour entertaining her requests of taking almost everything on our bedside table.
Before she got bored and woke Daddy up by knocking her head against his. πŸ˜‚

She got intrigued by my rubber band and tried to tie my hair with it.. by pulling my hair and then simply putting it on top of my head.

So we tied her hair instead.
And Daddy requested for the same hair style.
Hahaha the funny things we do.

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