The very shy birthday girl, while everyone was singing the birthday song for her.

Manja to the max!

Yesterday we tried showing her how to blow the candle but guess it was too short a notice.
Today we represent ok. Hehe.

Acting all prim and proper before the lunch started.

Do you like the flower on my head?

After a somewhat rushed lunch, we stood outside the restaurant to take lots of pictures.
It was basically me with little boss and whoever wanted to take pictures with the star of the day. 😅
This was probably taken in between shots. I love this picture, even though I don't know what we were laughing about.

And then we all came home and everyone except the helper and me (I couldn't sleep due to a massive headache zzz) K.O.ed until 5pm.

And then it was boxing time!

Lucky girl. 😁

Yep, one, without a doubt.

Hahaha so happy with her presents!

Happy birthday, our little sweetheart.
May you stay happy, healthy and curious always.

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