52 weeks

Morning family wefie!

Fifty. Two. Weeks. Young.

All three of us.
As a dad, as a mom and as a little girl.

The same time a year ago, the two of us with a big belly of baby were having dinner and trying to chill / shower / pack before going to the hospital to get induced.

We were excited and nervous all at the same time.

Now I'm chilling at yakun while waiting for the hubs to pick me up after I collect our little boss' first birthday cake.

Our Little Baby is going to be promoted to Little Toddler!

I was thinking about how I'm not quite ready for this yet but then again, what's there to be ready about? πŸ˜…
I guess parenthood is about embracing each moment and learning along the way?

Check out this box of cake that has to be hand carried, literally.
The shop assistant told me they don't have a big enough plastic bag to hold this.

Guess I have to be extra careful getting into the car.

Hubs here!
Just nice. 😁

In bed with little boss now.

I think we both dozed off at the same time, her head snuggled against my shoulder, her hand holding mine.

I woke up when the hubs came into the room, smiling at the sight of the two of us cuddling each other to sleep.

Ok, back to sleep now!

Sweet dreams, sleep tight.

And when the clock strikes 12, happy birthday our little sweetheart. 😘

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