Good morning sunshine!
This sunshine kept moving so 5 out of 5 pictures I took turned out blur. πŸ˜…

The poor girl hasn't been eating well.

Last night we came home and saw the helper trying to feed her some milk, which she didn't manage to finish.

In the kitchen, there was a bowl of half eaten porridge and a high chair splattered with puke. 😯

Helper said that little boss rejected her porridge like she did a few days ago (a battle that had her sobbing uncontrollably and choking, and scared us so much we left the entire bowl of porridge untouched), after eating just a bit.

When she tried to feed her more, she gagged and threw up everything.
And then she refused to be left in the playpen so that our helper can clean up and get her bath water.
Our helper had to leave her there crying while she dashed around to get things done quickly.

She was otherwise quite cheerful and cheeky last night. We even managed to put her in the playpen while we had dinner!

Baby on milk strike today.
Refused to touch her milk at all.
She had hiccups so we gave her some water and she took it!
So tried our luck with yoghurt.
She ate only half and refused to finish.
So mommy gets to eat unfinished yoghurt. πŸ˜‚

How huh.
We switched her from stage 2 to 3 last week. Ran out of stage 2 and since it's just a week to her 1st birthday we thought it wouldn't make a difference.
She drank ok last week!
We only started having trouble feeding her this week. πŸ˜₯

I was watching this show on channel 8 where Joanne Peh shared the footage of her giving birth.

Her expressions as she went through the contractions, how her husband helped with the pushing, the process of pushing.. really reminded me of the entire delivery process.

I think even the most successful actresses cannot reenact contraction pain. It's the kind of pain that makes you want to scream and hold it in at the same time.
Joanne Peh's expression was exactly that.

She went through the delivery without epidural and let out a scream when her baby came out.

I nearly teared watching it but the hubs kept distracting me!
(Time for dinner time for dinner don't watch already!)

I also didn't want to pay full attention to it lor! πŸ˜…
I could feel my hair stand, and the pain and exhilaration all over again – even when I wasn't paying full attention. *shudders*

We treasure every commercial break because it's the only few minutes we get a break lol.

She stood like this without support for a good 20 seconds!

The 9am show "Cresendo" is pretty awesome! The hubs and I are hooked.
Christopher Lee is damn solid and the rest of the cast are pretty stellar! πŸ‘

Recap of my day

Now that little boss is asleep. Hehe.

It has been a pretty good work-from-home day! A few calls here and there with enough time to finish some work and do emails, and a proper lunch break!

Post lunch exercise.
Spent chasing little boss around the place.
She really has a mind of her own now!

We were in her room at first, playing catch. She would throw the ball and then turn around to ask me where the ball is. πŸ˜…

And then she decided she wanted to go to the study room to touch / play with my sister's bag.. before crawling into our room..

To climb up our bed.

It was obviously too high for her so I helped her up.

She immediate chuckled and rolled around before leaping forward to ransack through the cushions and minions..

In search of piggy. πŸ˜—

After her afternoon nap, she wanted me to play with her. I told her I can't, because I had work to finish.
But since I didn't have any more calls, I asked our helper to let her play on the day bed in the study room.

Little boss obliged for all of 5 minutes because she got herself down the bed, crawled over to my chair, pulled herself to stand and looked at me with Puss in Boots eyes.

I laughed and asked her, Yes?

She smiled and proceeded to climb up my chair!!

And then she sat on my lap and refused to budge when our helper tried to carry her.

I had to send off some urgent emails so I continued typing with her on my lap.
Every now and then I tried to talk to my little boss to reason with her but she refused to even look at me.
Our helper who was watching at the side said she was in fact stealing glances at me while I was typing away on my laptop.

Well played, little boss, well played.

Meal situation wasn't great but wasn't very bad either.

She ate half the porridge and a small apple. Finished her night feed after a lot of cajoling.

Dearest Tooth No. 8, can you please grow out soon?

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