Little miss kaypo insisted on walking into the study room this morning.
Cannot balance, but can direct whoever is holding her to wherever she wants to go.

I love how kaypo she looks here.
"Let me walk to the room and check if mommy's really working. Oh there she is!" πŸ˜…

Glad to be working from home today.
Busy day with lots to do but at least I can do it in my pyjamas lol. πŸ˜‚

Absolutely tired out by the weekends.

Little boss slept with me last night (hubs had to go back to camp) and she woke up at 630am.
I passed her to my helper for her morning feed and went back to sleep for another hour.
Very rare, because I usually wake up and that's it.

Little boss slept for another 2 hours!
Life is good.


Lots more work to finish. 😒

I'm looking forward to our Bali trip in November but I'm thinking of extending the break by a day or two or more.

I know I've already had short vacations in Sydney and Tokyo, and while I really enjoyed them, I think they are too short for me to feel like I'm on a holiday. #firstworldproblems

The truth is, I find myself getting triggered off and annoyed by anything and everything at work and I don't like it.

Just this afternoon I received what seemed like the 10th version of the same deck from the agency, with one slide updated and the important parts unchanged.
And the agency person sounded so haughty when she said something like she had a meeting from xx time to xx time and response would be delayed.
I got quite pissed off. What is this, I gave you the inputs and deadline since last week, and now I have to follow your schedule instead?

Having worked in agencies before, I try my best to be nice and respectful to my agencies.
In fact one of my agencies have told me before that I've been internally voted by all the servicing folks that I'm one of the best clients to work with.

But not today I guess.
I wrote back to this person saying that I have been receiving the same slides over and over again with no updates on my inputs at all, and that if they are expecting me to make the changes myself, please let me know.πŸ˜’

And guess what?
I made all the changes on my own because I had a deadline to meet wtf fml.


I'm exhausted.

Long days in office tomorrow and Wednesday with back to back meetings.
Someone from HDB coming to our place on Thursday.
The roofing works caused pretty serious cracks in our walls and our neighbour downstairs complained about leakage from their toilet ceiling.
Very sian walking around a hot and stuffy house with so many cracks on the walls and ceiling.

On top of that, I have to find time to do a full body checkup because we just bought some policies for Clarissa and our financial adviser happily told me to declare my previous thyroid condition.
So now both insurance companies require me to do full body checkup/blood test and all that and it's so difficult fixing an appointment.
I feel annoyed just speaking to the clinic and the financial consultant.

I hope it goes ok because the premiums are already very expensive.

And I haven't bought shoes for Clarissa. Haven't settled the photoshoot. Haven't called the restaurant to update the reservations. Haven't decided on what to wear. Haven't had time to cut my hair. Zzz.

Ok some pictures to cheer me up.

Supposed to do the where's your nose thing together but she played me out and decided to smile for the camera instead.

Ok finally cooperated but I win because I look uglier hahaha.

Skyped with her Daddy just now and she pointed at him/the screen when I asked her, "Where's Daddy?"

Snatched my phone so she could touch his face / play with the phone and then flew into a mini tantrum when I refused to let her hold it.

Took a break from Skype so she could drink her milk while the hubs showered.
For some reason she refused to finish her milk in my room and I had to bring her back to her room to finish it while her daddy watched her drink milk over Skype. πŸ˜…

When she finished her milk, she looked at our helper and pointed at her bolster. Hugged it happily when our helper passed it to her.
Then we said good night to Daddy.

Before tucking her in, I asked her, "Clarissa, have you been naughty today?"
She shouted a righteous Aaahhh!
We laughed and she turned to frown at our helper and then at me.

Then she pointed at the sarong.

Ok, I get it. You want to sleep.

So yeah bedtime for the little boss.
She fell asleep in five minutes.

I must say I'm very amused and impressed with her very apt and bossy use of her little index finger.
☝ ☝
Gets things done!
More efficient than Mommy! πŸ˜…

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