Last night, before bedtime.

She slept with us last night.
Woke up at 4am to sing and partay.
Fed her at 515am (Our rule is not to feed her before 5am even if she wakes up and is hungry).
She continued singing and climbing and rolling all over us.
At 6am I gave her the ultimatum.
Go back to sleep in 10 minutes or she has to go back to her own room to sleep in the sarong.

I'm not sure what happened next because I dozed off myself.
Woke up at 7am again with a stiff leg.

Little boss fell asleep hugging my right leg. πŸ˜…

Her face was snuggled against my leg and one of her legs was on my tummy, thanks ah.

I continued drifting in and out of sleep until 8am, when I heard a chuckle and opened my eyes to a smiling and bright-eyed baby.

Good morning sunshine!

But then her mood turned for the worse because she had constipation since yesterday and I guess her tummy hurts.

Refused to let me out of her sight.

Even while she was drinking milk I had to sit with her and maintain eye contact. If not she'd immediately roll over and stop drinking.

Or she'd pause and gek sai and start crying very pitifully when the sai refused to come out. πŸ˜…

In the end our helper made her stand by her cot and hold on to the railings so that she can squeeze her poop out.
She did it crying, while our helper told her, "Clarissa, be strong!" and "I know you are in pain and very pitiful but you have to be strong!" πŸ˜‚

Finally, poop came.
We let her lie down on the bed to finish pooping.
She cried as I held her hand while our helper caught her poop. My sister was shouting some encouragement and the hubs came in to watch and then collect the poop.
Team work hahahaha.

Poor girl, it was really a big and hard piece of poop.
I can't believe I am writing about this.

I even talked about it over breakfast as the hubs was digging into his chicken wing..

Wah the poop was so big and hard hor?

Hahahaha sorry hubs. πŸ˜…

He was also feeling a little sad about little boss rejecting him and clinging on to me.

I guess she's more afraid of her Daddy, because he looks really stern when he's telling her off.
Also she seems to be having this separation anxiety since I came back from my trips.

I hope it's just a passing phase, because I'd love for Daddy and daughter to be close.
It's so hard to strike a balance between being stern and loving.

It's a learning process for all of us and I hope we keep learning and keep trying. πŸ˜€

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