Inside out comb your hair!

"I'm too sad to walk.
Just give me a few… hours."

I'm not sad, just tired and unmotivated and had to drag myself out of bed and out of the house this morning.

I love this movie by the way!

Caught it twice.
The first time was in the flight from Sydney to Singapore. But Clarissa was waking up and crying every 20 minutes I had to pause every 20 minutes. I finished it though, and really liked it.

Watched it again on the flight to Seoul because I wanted to watch it properly lol.

I love how simple the story is, and yet so true and so heartwarming.

My favorite parts:

1) When Sadness said she's so sad she can't move lol. And Joy drags her along. 😅

Joy: Think positive!
Sadness: I'm positive you'll get lost..

2) When Bing Bong (Imagination) couldn't make it back to the top with Joy.. and he said to Joy, "Take her to the moon for me!"

So sad! And so true that as we grow older, our imagination becomes weaker.. or simply disappears.

3) When Joy finally realised that they (we) need Sadness so Riley gets the help and love she needs from her family and friends.

Indeed life is never and can never be about being happy all the time.

A happy person isn't someone who's always positive and joyful and smiling, but someone who understands the emotions that define the situation and makes the best out of it. Happiness is an outcome, not just a state.

You need Sadness to appreciate Joy, and Joy to understand Sadness.

It's a cartoon, but I really think it's meant for adults.

Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life's problems.

How profound is that? 😊

What are you talking about, Mommy?

This is her where? and no more? handsign lol. 😅

Picture taken this morning before I went to office. She didn't sleep well last night because her gums were hurting hence the 🐼 eyes.

When I came home this evening she was playing with my sister.
She picked up my sister's comb and fiddled with it.
I randomly said, "Clarissa, comb your hair."

I wasn't expecting anything but she actually touched her hair and then put the comb on her head/hair!

My sister and I were so surprised we shrieked. 😂

Little boss' expression turned from nonchalant (what's the big deal about me combing my hair?) to delighted (wow I didn't know combing my hair would make people so happy) and she broke into a big smile. 😊

We've been combing her hair after her showers though she doesn't have much hair. 😅 Helper says it'd stimulate hair growth so I bought a brush and comb for her.

We've not really taught her how to comb her hair.
So happy to see that she actually knows how to use a comb! 😄

Video evidence. 😉

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