Wah little boss really cleared her sleep debt since yesterday lol.

3 hours this morning from 7 to 10.
3 hours this afternoon from 2 to 5.

Power. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

She woke up around 6am this morning. She actually slept in the same position until 5ish am when she flipped over and rolled on my stomach.
Then she sat up frowning.
Daddy tried to hug and kiss her but she tried to hit him instead. πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

I got up to go to the toilet and she started crying.

Someone has θ΅·εΊŠζ°”γ€‚
Grumpypants in the morning.

She probably really woke up only while having her morning feed.
Stopped and sat up when Daddy walked out of the room.

On alert mode.
Daddy. Is. Going. Out. Without. Me.

She did her goodbye waves and flying kisses and went back to sleep.

Played with her during my lunch break.

I asked her where Daddy is, and she gave me an inquisitive look with a where? handsign and then broke out into a smile and clapped her hands.
I'm guessing she remembers clapping for Daddy over Skype. 😍

She was so cheeky this afternoon!

After lunch I carried her for a while before asking her to play with auntie (our helper) because I had to go back to work.

She smiled at our helper and stretched out her hands towards her. Our helper reached out to hold her and her sweet smile turned into a mischievous one as she turned away and clung back on me instead.

We laughed and this little girl considered for a few seconds before looking at our helper with yet another sweet and inviting smile.

She reached out again towards our helper and turned back to me laughing just as our helper was about to carry her.

She did the same thing for like 5 times. πŸ˜…
We knew it was a trick but we willingly fell for it since she looked like she was enjoying herself.

But she became super clingy in the evening. Wouldn't let anyone carry or hold her except me.😯
The hubs came home in the evening despite having a super early start tomorrow morning, and she rejected his attempts to hug or carry her.

Told her off gently as I was changing her, that she shouldn't do that to Daddy because Daddy will be very sad.

Brought her back to our room to kiss Daddy good night and she actually reached out voluntarily to hug him and rest her cheeks on his shoulder.

All is good now. 😊

Hahaha sorry the picture has not much to do with the text.
But I was just enjoying the time with her today and forgot to take pictures until after her evening shower. πŸ˜…

Not sure what got into her but it might be Manja Day today (and possibly teething).

Even when I was playing with her during the day, she'd stop in the middle of our game/song and rest her head on my chest, smiling so sweetly.

How is it possible for one's heart to melt over and over again? 😊

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