Sunday with the little boss

Back to our little darling! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™

She was sleeping when we got up at 8 this morning.
Both of us went into her room to stare at her sleeping face in the sarong.. and she woke up.

Took her a few seconds to recognise us before she broke into the brightest smile and kicked her legs excitedly.

The hubs carried her while she smiled oh-so sweetly at us. She then reached out to me asking to be carried. I took her and she pulled her Daddy's shirt. So Daddy carried her and she reached over to me again.

We took turns carrying her until she decided to stick onto me, but pulled her Daddy's shirt and her Daddy towards us.

Ah, GROUP HUG. πŸ™†πŸ˜

I haven't seen her for a week and she seems to have grown taller.

And cheekier.

After her morning nap.
Attempted to jump out of the sarong.

My mom called to tell me a funny story about little boss.

She came over one night with my dad to see Clarissa.
Bedtime came and Clarissa refused to sleep. She clung on tightly to Grandma and refused to be put in the sarong.
Even after they succeeded, she kept trying to sit up and then stand in the sarong.
So my mom carried her in an attempt to cajole her before putting her back into the sarong, and jokingly asked her if she wanted to go home with Grandma.

Clarissa bent down slightly while my mom supported her, and picked up her bolster and handkerchief before clinging on to my mom again.

Hahaha she wanted to go home with my mom and dad! But not without her bolster and handkerchief. πŸ˜…

My mom said she's always happy and sad to visit Clarissa when she does this. Happy because it's so endearing. Sad because she doesn't want Grandma to go home without her.

Boohoo Daddy's going on a 2-week reservist from tomorrow.
Both of them fooling around while he packs.

Her little friend, whom my MIL babysits, came over with my in-laws.
He's 2.5 months older than Clarissa so we call him gor gor.

This little gor gor crawled over and touched Clarissa's hand really quickly before retreating to his original position. Aiyo so shy.
And this mei mei just kept chuckling and pointing at him but made no attempt to move towards him.

When little gor gor snatched Clarissa's ball away from her, she just stared at him and blinked in bewilderment.

Before they left, his lightning fingers reached out to pinch Clarissa. Twice. He pinched me once too and his grip was really hard.
This little girl didn't even flinch.
Just stared at him and frowned a little, as if to ask him, eh why you pinch me?
But made no attempt to pinch him back.

I can't decide if I should let her be or teach her to fight back. It's a real dilemma.
On one hand I don't want her to become a bully. On the other hand I hope she knows how to fight for herself when the occasion calls for it.

Today I simply told the boy, very nicely, not to do it again.
Afterall he's only 14 months old and I'm sure it isn't deliberate.
I asked Clarissa if it hurts but she looked fine so I didn't say anything else.
I think she's anyway too young to understand?

Told my helper about it and she immediately went "aiyo!", followed by, "pinch him back!" Lol.
She laughed, but I think she meant it somewhat. πŸ˜…

I sometimes think that she's more protective of Clarissa than we do.
When she heard my father-in-law talking outside about how he brought the boy here to play with Clarissa so that she can learn to crawl as fast as the boy does, she told me, quietly and reassuringly, "Clarissa can crawl too."

I know.

One thing I am quite conscious of is the constant comparison my father-in-law makes between the boy and Clarissa.
I know he really loves Clarissa, but he often tells us how slow Clarissa is, in her crawling, talking, imitating, etc, all the things that the boy does better than Clarissa.

He crawls on his fours really quickly and he can climb up and down the bed with ease. He knows how to reverse so he gets off the bed on his feet instead of his head. He also imitates the expressions my fil does really well.
To my FIL, Clarissa is very slow because she doesn't crawl fast, can't stand on her own for too long and can't imitate what he says.

I always try to remind him very politely that there are differences between boys and girls, and moreover the boy is 2.5 months older.

2.5 months is a long time in baby terms yah?

Yet he insists she's slow, and I shut up.
I'm not angry with him because I appreciate his effort to be an awesome Grandpa, and it'd be ungrateful to be angry.

I wish he doesn't compare but I guess the older folks always do that, the same way my mom used to compare us among ourselves or us with her friends' children.

I'm constantly mindful that every child has his or her own talent and develops at his or her own speed.

Perhaps Clarissa doesn't crawl on her fours as fast or as much as other babies her age, but she climbs and flips and jumps a lot?
Perhaps she can't balance herself very well without support, but have you seen a baby who knows how to turn herself around to chill standing with her arms spread across the playpen? πŸ˜…

So yeah, to each his / her own.
It's ok.

Chill yah? πŸ˜„

I just hope she grows up cheerful and thoughtful.

She might not be the conventional favourite of the elderly folks, a baby who smiles at everyone and lets anyone carry her.

So she's shy and sensitive, and it's ok.

As long as she's not being rude or disrespectful.

I'm not going to force her to socialise just so she'd be deemed "good" in the eyes of others. 😊

That said, I hope she grows up to understand the value of grit and hard work.
She doesn't have to be "good" in the conventional way, but I hope she tries her very best in whatever she does.
Non crime or vice, of course.

Hahaha new thing she learned this week.
Passcode: "Where's your nose?"
And she'd squeeze her face and nose together like this and attempt to sound like she's blowing her nose. πŸ˜…

She's really like an energetic bunny today omg.
Took only two naps lasting an hour each and that was it.

She really loves the mirror and kept crawling towards it and trying to CLIMB UP so she can see herself.
Right now her head touches only the bottom of the mirror.
It's extremely dangerous, so instead of her climbing it, I had to keep raising her up instead.
She'd giggle every time she sees herself in the mirror.

So fun! But really tiring. πŸ˜…

So Daddy took over.

By 9pm we were watching some random singing program with my sister #4 who came to visit, and little boss was happily bobbing along to the fast numbers.
Going strong for someone who slept for slightly less than an hour and refused to take another nap since waking up at 3pm. πŸ˜…

She was dozing off while drinking her last feed for the day and we decided to let her sleep with us tonight.
She kept dozing off and sitting up with her eyes half closed, smiling at me and still wanting to play.

She's now sleeping soundly while the hubs snores beside her lol.

And I'm about to k.o. soon because it's been a long day.

It's good to be home. 😘

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