Heard the clearest and most precise pronunciation of "mama" by little boss this morning. 😍😙

This makes my day.
Although it hasn't really started. 😅

Today I went to the biggest house I have ever seen in Tokyo.
Not that I have visited that many Japanese homes to begin with, but this IS the largest yet.
It took us a minute to walk from the door to the living/dining room.
I'm not kidding.
I kept walking and wondering, are we there yet? 😅

Usually you'd be IN the living and dining room the moment you step through the door.

Even the Japanese folks had their jaws dropping.

The house is amazing.
They have 2 living rooms, one contemporary style and one Japanese.
Very simple yet classy.

I can't post the picture of the living rooms but here's a picture of the china they used to serve tea for us. 😀

And the consumer we met is so humble and down to earth. We had a very pleasant and insightful conversation.

Skype this evening.
Test run with my sister's laptop.
All smiles. 😁

The hubs had to start preparing to go to the airport so it was little boss and her little aunt on Skype with me.
She ignored me (what's new) and made her little aunt walk her around the house, to our room (looking for Daddy), to the study room (looking for duckie – my sister's soft toy), to the kitchen (looking for auntie – our helper) and back to the living room where my sister's laptop was placed.

Hahahaha look at her cheeky face.

Hubs is finally getting how I feel whenever I go on business trips.
He's joining me in Tokyo for his birthday. I took leave since a few months ago, but this business trip came up.
I thought it was a good idea to offer a trip to Tokyo as his birthday present. He's not been to a Tokyo, and I thought some me-time for him (while I worked) and some couple-time for us (after work) would be great.

Yet we've been having second thoughts about it every other day, and even a few hours before his flight.

For me, it's a week of not seeing Clarissa and for him, it's his first time traveling without her. 😢
Plus he has 3 weeks of reservist right after this trip fhl. 😦

So glad to have my sister staying with us and the grandparents and my other sisters and friends offering to do spot checks.
Plus of course, our helper is good with (and to) Clarissa.

I hope it works out well!

Ok back to work. Zzz.

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