Skype with my baby early this morning before I left the hotel for work. 😍

I fell asleep last night with the phone in my hand and the table lamp still on. Thought I should unwind a bit and catch up on some dayre.
But the next thing I know, five hours have passed and the alarm goes off.

Spied on little boss on cctv and saw her drinking her milk (so early! At 6am SGT) and the helper making her go back to sleep after that.

Was a bit disappointed, since we arranged to skype at 715am this morning if she is up.
But she woke up just before I was about to leave so yay! 😉

She looks uninterested and unhappy here, lying on Daddy's chest but I've actually managed to get her to 1) clap her hands, 2) show me her tongue, 3) do saranghaeyo, 4) give me a flying kiss and 5) wave goodbye to me.

She did all these with a smile, albeit a little sad one.

Baobei was calling mamama after we put down the phone.

Hubs texted me while I was on my way and told me this.
Aww baby. 😍

All smiles when we started skyping this evening but when the TV commercials come on, mommy loses lol. 😅

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