It's been a while since we brought her to swim!
All the traveling and haze.

We didn't even realise there's an expiry date for her package and had to pay $15 to extend it for another 3 months..😞

4 more sessions and I guess she'd be big enough to swim in a real pool? 😁

Our original intention of bringing her to swim, besides all the good things about developing her brains and body, was to make her sleep after the swim so that we can have a proper lunch. 😅

But the strategy hasn't worked beyond the first few sessions.
Even if she's tired after the swim she won't sleep.
But the good thing is that she usually allows us to still have lunch while she sits in the baby chair or her own stroller.

Matchy matchy father and daughter grocery shopping before lunch.

At the checkout, the cashier-uncle tried to guess her age.

"Two years old?"
We said no.
"One and a half?"
Erm, still no.
"11 months," we told him.

"Wah," he said. "Boy right?"
We laughed and said she's a girl.

Alamak, wrong every time. 😅

Lunch time!

She nearly dozed off while drinking milk but woke up after she drank half the bottle and refused to drink more.
So she sat there singing, pulled off her socks (what's new), dropped one of them on the floor, and thankfully just chilled in the stroller until we finished our lunch.

See, so comfortable.
Sucking her finger and shaking her leg. 😅

Oops cannot take her patience for granted.
Little boss disapproves of our dilly-dallying.

Ok lah, I'll carry you.

Loving her toothy grin! 😘

Ok, some me-time now

Little boss has just fallen asleep and the hubs is still at his company's dinner and dance (not sure about the dance part).

Caught Voice of China on TV and was very taken by one of the contestants' rendition of a pretty old song.

Can't embed non-youtube videos so here's the link.

I used to really love sad songs and would blast them and indulge in all the melancholy.
It was a kind of catharsis too, though thinking back, I wonder where all the sadness came from. 😅

I still love sad songs, especially the ones I used to love. It reminds me of a time I can never go back to, and don't particularly wish to go back to.
But it's nice, bittersweet and kind of heartwarming.

I'm a lot happier these days, as a good friend pointed out, because I have a big big head and a small big head who cheer me up and make me happy everyday. 😁
Very true.

But allow me to indulge in this song.

I used to like it as a teenager because it was kinda sad and kinda regretful.

Tonight I was blown away by how sad it really is.
And yet I had no tears.
I was just sad.
Very sad.
Not for myself, but for anyone who's missing someone, or something.


你知不知道 思念一个人的滋味 

你知不知道 寂寞的滋味 
你知不知道 痛苦的滋味 

你知不知道 忘记一个人的滋味 

你知不知道 你知不知道
你知不知道 寂寞的滋味 

你知不知道 忘记一个人的滋味 


冰冷的水, 流成热泪。
原来思念是这么细, 这么深, 这么长。

痛苦因为想忘记, 寂寞因为思念。

忘记与思念原来是多么无力, 多么永无止境的挣扎。

没有眼泪的悲伤, 原来是这样的。
不是心碎, 不是痛彻心扉, 而是一种隐隐的, 挥之不去的痛。

The best sad songs are not the ones who make you cry, but the ones so poignant, they make you feel.

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