48 weeks

Happy 48 weeks young!

Looking all demure but in fact #thetruthis she's tapping her feet on the table. πŸ˜…

I wasn't able to give a proper 11-month update because I was too busy that day.
Worked from home but for 12 hours straight. Started at 8am and ended at 830pm. Had a 2-hour break for dinner and Clarissa. Worked again after she went to bed. πŸ˜₯

New achievements unlocked!

Little boss can..
βœ… Stand on her own for more than 5 seconds! Before she decides to dance and loses her balance
βœ… Take a step forward, unsupported! Before she gets too excited and loses her balance
βœ… Put her hand on her mouth instead of her cheeks (see Day 268 / 47 weeks) when giving a flying kiss

Picture evidence:‡

So 院醉 lol.

Video evidence: ‡

Hehehe. Accurate or not?

βœ… Show us where her tongue, tummy, head, feet, ears and hands are. But the trick is not to ask her about more than 3 body parts at one go. She'd either stare at you blankly or keep sticking out her tongue cheekily
βœ… Clap her hands!!! I have been trying to teach her to clap her hands for the longest time, with the "if you are happy and you know it" song, but she always ends up doing gongxi gongxi instead.

Video evidence: ‡


βœ… Cry when she gets a scolding.
It happened just a few days ago. We were back late and she was too excited to spend time with us. So she kept climbing up the headerboard on our bed and flipping herself back and I had to catch her. She was already quite sleepy but still wanted to play.
Daddy scolded her very sternly because it was so dangerous!
She turned away, laid on her tummy, and sobbed. Really sadly. πŸ˜‚

And then I made the mistake of telling daddy not to be so fierce to her.

Oops. I'm weak.
She looked so pitiful crying but I shouldn't have done that when the hubs was trying to discipline her.

βœ… Understands simple instructions when I ask her to "sit there while mommy grabs the remote control" or "don't go there, you'll knock your head" 😊

βœ… Frown intensely. Haha. Not a new skill since she has been frowning since Day 1 but recently it's becoming more frequent and intense. Usually when we leave for work or when she simply disapproves πŸ˜…

Picture evidence: ‡

Mommy, stop taking pictures and carry me instead!

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