There's something alluring about squeezing in a tiny bathroom with a consumer talking about what she uses.

So this is turning out to be quite a crazy two months.
Sydney 2 weeks ago, Seoul this week and Tokyo the week after.

After these I'm done with business trips for the year and can look forward to Bali with the hubs and the bubs. 😊

Part of my job entails going to consumers' homes to talk to them (or rather listen to them talk through translators), observe how they live, and understand why they use the products they are using.

I love the interactions and getting to know about the market through the end consumer, instead of just looking at numbers and statistics.
Business trips are always tiring, but they also bring me back to the Earth, and remind me about what I love about my job.
Consumer is boss, they say.
But these days, how many companies really stand by this?

My smallest yet biggest boss, who was not happy about Mommy going away to meet her other bosses. πŸ˜…

I missed her so much when I was in Seoul!
It didn't help that Koreans seem to have this habit of decorating their living rooms with their family portraits, pictures of their babies, and pictures drawn by their babies.
All the homes I went to felt so nice and cosy and warm with the little touches of family. 😌

The hubs made it a point to share pictures of her with me before he left for work everyday, and we had video calls every night.
Most of the time she would be scowling and looking grumpy.. but still cute haha.

Like this.

Or this. πŸ˜‚

On a slightly better day.

Why so grumpy, Bubba?

The hubs and my sis said she's been calling mamamama while I was away
I wonder if she's really calling for me, or if she calls everyone mamamama. πŸ˜…

She was all smiles when I greeted her this morning!
She's taking her nap now and I'm feeling so zombified.
Touched down at 1am, slept at 330am, woke up at 730am. πŸ˜ͺ

On our way to the in-laws.
And she's having a discussion with me about life lol.

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