Little monkey

Put her on the floor and she tries to climb into the playpen.

Bleh I got in.

Little boxer resting in her corner of the ring.

Not very apparent here but it's actually hands! off!
She's been trying to stand on her own since 2 weeks back.
She'd go from sit to squat to bend to stand while on the bed with us, balance for about 3 to 5 seconds before she loses her balance and sits down again.
Or she'd pull herself up to stand in the playpen, and go hands off.

She did the former a lot when we were in Sydney!

My sis asked me what fashion sense this is.
Our helper's idea of kids' fashion. 😅
Flower top and rainbow pants.

Picture taken by my mom yesterday.

I really don't know where she learns all these from.
I'm guessing most babies would just stand properly with their hands gripping the playpen in front with their heads facing out.

But ours has to turn and spread her arms across. 😅👍💪

Funny story / New trick

So today little boss has been throwing her prized Singa onto the floor and waving goodbye to it. 😅

As reported by our helper who's highly amused by her.

I wonder if she'll do it again!

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