Little boss and her koala bear. 😁

We were browsing in the souvenir shop at Sydney Tower, not really intending to get anything.
I walked past a row of koala bears with little boss strapped onto me, and she suddenly went, "Aaahh!" in delight.

I realised she was calling out to this koala bear soft toy so I took it off the shelf. She reached out to touch it's ears.

Turned to the hubs and told him what happened, and he said, let's get it for her.

We don't really buy toys for her, and this is the first time she's expressed interest in a toy.
It costs A$15, not too expensive.

But just to be sure, we brought her to another row of koala bear soft toys, a different design, and put one of them in front of her.

She gave it a "hello what's the matter?" look.
In other words, no reaction. 😅

We then put the one she liked in front of her.
She smiled and went "Aaahh!" again.

So confirm, chop, guarantee.
She likes it.

We bought it. 😁

Pardon my weird strand of hair; please just look at her. 😅

The real koala. 😘😜

We didn't bring or rent any stroller when we were in Sydney.
Instead we took turns to baby-wear her and it was great.
I loved having her so close to me and how she'd take her naps in my chest (or the hubs') while we walked.
The weather was great for baby-wearing too. No sweaty and sticky daddy/mommy/baby, just nice, warm and snug.
(Though she somehow still managed to catch a cold. 😟)

Father's Day in Sydney

Was on 6th Sep, Sunday.
We had a nice stroll at Darling Harbour and settled down for lunch at Blackbird Cafe, as recommended by the concierge manager.
This was where little boss talked to her fellow screaming little friend. 😅

Daddy had beer, a complimentary Father's Day drink.

Mommy had mojito.

Baby had milk. 😅

Pretty decent food!
Burger for the man while I had spaghetti from the kid's menu.. and the portion was just nice. 😅

Family wefie.

I love this sweater on her.
It says "The adventure begins".
Well at least I hope she is having an adventure.

Love this picture taken by the hubs.

There was ice cream as part of the kid's meal and since she's the only kid among us, we fed her a little.
We thought she loved it but her expression told a different story. 😅

Koala on Daddy on the ferry back to Circular Quay.


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