45 weeks

New milestone

Imma fixing my own car seat.

She's outgrown the tiny fit, so the hubs brought the car seat up to remove the insert.

Our baby's no longer tiny! But still small. šŸ˜

Relax one corner. šŸ˜…

Picture's blurred because she turned really fast!
Tried a few times but all the pictures turned out like this.

She's now very agile.
Turns 180 degrees from front to back to front to back.

She's been trying to do this turning thing but always ends up sitting down.
Now she's succeeded!

I've once caught her in this position, throwing her head back.
Macham suntanning (while standing).
Quite dangerous though. šŸ˜’

Still having a running nose. šŸ˜Ÿ

She's much better though.

It was quite heartbreaking feeding her medicine the past two days.

The hubs would hold her down, sometimes even holding her mouth, while I push the syringe of medicine in.
She'd be crying nonstop and screaming murder.

We'd give her the meds in the morning before we go for work and in the evening after her night feed.

Yesterday we were worried about our helper having to do it on her own for the afternoon feed, as my sister was out.

Texted my sister when she got back to check if Clarissa had her medicine and she said everything's fine.

When we got home, we asked our helper how she did it, did Clarissa struggle, did she cry?
She said nope, not at all.

Oh? How did you do it?
We asked.

Oh I just used the spoon to feed her.


Why didn't we think of it?

She took the medicine without any fuss when we spoon fed her this morning.
Same content, different delivery, different results.

Hope she completely recovers soon.

She hasn't bathed in four days. šŸ˜…
Still smells good with the powder bath but we have to change her very often. Since morning she's already had 3 changes of clothes!

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