Poor little boss is still sick.
She threw up her dinner and night feed all over me.šŸ˜Æ

She'd actually already dozed off but we had to wipe and change her.
She started coughing and that was it.
Everything came out.

Poor girl looked so shocked by the vomiting even though I tried my best to tell her it's ok.

I nearly gagged too but I swallowed it back haha. I have a very bad gag reflex even as a kid. When my sisters vomit, I'll throw up too, even when I wasn't sick.

The combination of fish porridge and milk just didn't help.
But I managed to hold it in and continue to hold her with puke dripping down my leg. šŸ˜…

Good news is, the phlegm probably came out with the puke.
I really hope she gets well soon.

I'm having all the symptoms of a bad sore throat. I hope I don't fall sick. Lack of sleep and the stupid haze and too much work in general.

Clarissa and her socks

Little boss either hates wearing socks or loves pulling them off.
She's been doing this since she was tiny.
Recently she's stepped up the game by pulling her socks off while standing. She'd step on the tip of the sock and inch her way out.

So this evening, she was standing in the playpen and one of her socks came off.
I looked at her and asked her, "Clarissa, where's your sock?"

She looked down at her feet, looked up and smiled at me cheekily.

She then sat herself down and pulled off the other sock!
With a sock in her hand, she pulled herself up stand again and smiled at me oh so gleefully. šŸ˜

"Here's the sock, Mommy!"

Aiyo how to scold her. šŸ˜…

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