Birthday comes early in Sydney!
It's 12am now and I'm turning 19 again.

No party of any sort.
In fact I'm in bed listening to the husband's snoring and lying beside a soundly sleeping little boss, feeling very content and blessed.

Both of them are absolutely knackered after a long overnight flight and a very long day with a fussy baby. 😅

Apparently the hubs told little boss they were on their way to see mommy.

When they got to the hotel I was still at work and upon realising I wasn't there, little boss started crying really hard. Refused to drink her milk, refused to wear her pants, refused to let Daddy sit down.

I dropped by in between research to help out a little. She drank her milk eventually but cried herself to sleep on Daddy's shoulders after I went back to work.

She was sound asleep when I got back. When she stirred awake, she went into default whining mode with her face all grumpy and prepared to cry.. and then she saw me and her frown stopped mid track. 😅😍

We took a nice walk around Sydney Harbour, got dinner and came back to the hotel. I haven't washed so many bottles in a pretty long time! But all good!

Can't wait to enjoy the rest of the day with the two of them. 😘


The staff gave little boss some crayons and paper while we waited for our pancakes. Haha but she was unimpressed as usual.

What a glorious day. 😊

We walked along The Rocks before heading to Circular Quay to take a ferry to the zoo.

She fell asleep while we were walking and woke up when we were on the ferry.
She remained unimpressed. 😅

The only picture I can find from my phone camera that has an animal. 😅
Taken from the cable car we took up to the zoo.
The rest of the pictures are in my "real" camera.

Back in the hotel to shower and rest before heading out for dinner.

She actually wasn't that unimpressed lah.
She napped the first half of the zoo trek but woke up for the kangeroos.
After feeding her, I let her stand at one of the railings to watch the pelicans and ducks. She actually pointed at them and giggled!

And then she was her usual cheeky self.. guess what? When we were about to leave the zoo.

Why like that darling. 😅

Hehehe dinner with hubs, bubs and giraffe friend at this restaurant called Lotus.

I had a craving for Chinese food after way too many angmo meals.

Little boss was in a fine mood but refused to look at the camera.

She subsequently demanded charsiew bao, which cost AU$9 for two. 😅
Actually we ordered so we could give her the bao portion of the charsiew bao. And she got really excited when the charsiew baos came.

Went to Coles to get some groceries and her fine mood continued.
Mirror wefie in the hotel elevator!

I cheated and turned my clock setting back to Singapore time so that I could get two extra hours of my birthday to update Dayre. 😅

It was past 1130pm in Australia by the time I took a shower after making little boss sleep.

I'd told the hubs that I don't need a birthday cake and I really meant it.
But he went ahead and got us room service birthday cakes. 😁

So yeah that's my happy birthday today. 😊

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