Here we go.

My dear girl who refused to smile at the camera this morning. 😢😂

My award-winning hubs who's receiving an award today!

Can't wait for Friday to come!

Touched down and am on my way to the hotel now!
No connection now as I'm too stingy to pay for wifi.
I don't think it's a bad deal – $39 for 3GB?
Then again, I have no concept of MBs and GBs. 😅
Just use Dayre's "Save as draft" function! Good enough.

I had a pretty good flight.
The movie selection was bad, but I was planning to work anyway.
So I read the papers from cover to cover, cleared my emails, did some work, watched a random Korean movie while having lunch, had a 15 minute power nap, listened to mayday, read a magazine..
And 7 hours flew by.

I miss little boss though; I keep wondering what she's doing.

Can't wait to skype with her and the hubs later to see her and get updates on the hubs' award ceremony!

My grumpy baby over Skype.
She kept frowning at me and giving me that reproaching look. 😂

Didn't want to disconnect from Skype.

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