10 months!

Happy 10 months young, sweetheart. 💋💋

She's been pointing her index finger at people / randomly and we realised tonight who she learned it from..

Who pointed at her and said, Oei Clarissa, finish your milk!
She laughed and pointed back her index finger back at him. 😅

She's been acting funny these two days. Either not sleeping or not finishing her milk or super active or super clingy.

She cried buckets this afternoon when I tried to leave the house to run some errands. 😢

So i said I'll bring her out for a quick walk after work today.
Promises made, promises kept!

No time to write much today as I've been busy trying to finish my work and answering random questions from people suffering from panick attacks.
And packing the remaining 20%.
And writing a to-pack list for the hubs.

Flight's in the morning.
First business trip in.. nearly two years? At least 10+10 months lol.

I'm tired already. 😅