Packing for Sydney! ✌

From left:
Clarissa's airport fashion set A, Clarissa's airport fashion set B (in case she needs a change, but hope not), Rompers and pants (pyjamas included), T-shirts and sweaters, Socks and caps.

Back breaking business.
I hope it all fits after vacuuming the air outta da bags. 😅

Went out in between the packing-for-three for a dear friend's baby's 100 days celebration.
Her baby girl is so cute and chubby and has so much hair! So fluffy hehe.

I sanitised my hands and carried her because I just had to.

Little boss got jealous and gave me a "why are you carrying another baby?" look and started pulling my top and nearly exposing whatever's left of my boobs. 😅
When I finally carried her, she looked at the innocent baby in an almost reproaching manner..

Something like this.

And attempted to grab the baby's Michelin arm!

I don't think she meant any harm; just wanted to check out her competition? 😅

No pictures at all today.
We were just busy taking turns to eat and carry little boss while she gave everyone her signature suspicious look.

How can I help chu?

She was her usual giggly and babbling self.. when we got to the carpark. 😅

This little girl. 👍