Oops I partied all night!

So shortly after 2300, I dozed off too.

Hubs came in after midnight.
I remember him trying to dream feed her but she flat out refused to drink.
So we wasted 90ml of milk.

I continued sleeping.

Somewhere around 1am, little boss stirred and whined.
We patted her and she went back to sleep.

Around 2am I woke up because there was something tickling the back of my thighs. I was also a little cold because I lost the blanket.

I looked and realised I was sleeping on my left and hanging precariously at the edge of bed, with a little someone's head snuggled against my thighs.
How did she even get there?

She stirred again and flipped over to the hubs and slapped his back.
He stirred.
It was 3am.

I really had to go to the bathroom so I asked him to hold on to her.

"Put her in the sarong dear," the husband said to me.

But no sarong in Sydney leh. 😂

In the spirit of preparing for Sydney, I sat up and tried to make her sleep.

She started singing and rolling around but eventually found a spot in between my and the hubs' legs and dozed off again, with the hubs snoring in the background.
Sounds wrong on many levels but yeah. 😅

I dozed off too but jumped up awake to grab her leg because I thought she was going to fall off the bed (she wasn't).

I don't remember what happened after that but it was 5am when I woke up again.

This time she was lying on the crook of the hubs' arms, and the hubs was patting her with his eyes closed.
She was whining a bit but I lost consciousness again.

She started singing again.
I looked at the clock.

"Wah not bad huh, she slept until 7!" I said to the husband.

"What not bad!" Grumbled the husband. Lol.

I brought her out of the room for her milk. She went to sleep again after the helper fed her. And I went back to sleep too.

Poor hubs had to wake up early to go to the mechanics so no more sleeping for him. 😅
Hope he catches up on some sleep later!

Omg this little girl really moves a lot even when she's sleeping!

But that's how I sleep, momma!