Little miss guilty looking guilty. 😂

We've been very lucky since we introduced solids to little boss' diet.
She loves eating.
We've not had much problems with her rejecting certain food or not eating.

But it's been quite difficult feeding her recently.

She'd start fidgeting or whining in the middle of a meal, such that our helper has to carry her off the high chair, put her on her lap and continue feeding her.

Or she'd flap her arms so vigorously it's impossible to put any food in her mouth.

We spent more than an hour trying to feed her this evening.
She was flapping her arms very quickly and literally slapping the spoon away each time the helper tried to feed her.
When we tried to hold her hands down and put the spoon in front of her, she would squeeze her lips into a tight pout and refuse to open her mouth!

I took over and it got worse.
She was flapping her arms and slapping the spoon with porridge so quickly that the porridge flew all over the place.
The high chair, floor, sofa, her arms, my arms, her legs, my legs, her hair, my hair.
It was a disaster.

My sister tried to help but the little boss simply wouldn't calm down.
I even tried the porridge and it was the same old porridge she used to finish without any trouble.

Had to warm up an emergency food pouch, which thankfully, she finished most of (while slapping some away).

The porridge wasn't so lucky. Less than half went to her tummy, a quarter landed everywhere but, a quarter completely untouched. 😅

I really wanted to be angry with her but it was so hilarious I can't even.
Anyhow I tried my best to look angry and told her I was disappointed with her behaviour.

So that was her pretending not to look at me while I chided her and took a picture of her looking guilty (so cute lol😅). #assholeparent

I then made her stand in the newly carved out naughty corner.
Except, of course, she can't stand on her own yet and I had to hold her from the back.

She kept jumping up and down, and tried to turn around to hug me but I had to turn her back around to face the corner. 😅

Our helper couldn't help laughing in the kitchen.

She said little boss is rejecting her usual food possibly because she's teething, and she's too young to understand the concept of naughty corner.

Which is true lah. But how.😌

So in the end, all of us, including the high-chair, had to shower. 😅
I felt like I've aged 10 years.

Besides slapping her food, she's been slapping and pinching us adults too.
We tried to tell her it's really painful and taught her to "sayang" us by touching our face gently instead.
She would look concerned and intrigued, and then raise her hand to touch our face and then pinch / slap us again. 😅

Yesterday our helper told me how she pretended to cry after getting slapped by little boss.. and little boss somehow got scared and started crying for real.
And then our helper got scared for real and had to pretend to laugh and tell little boss she's alright.

So funny, these two.

Her favourite toys these days are the Singa lions from the SG50 fun pack.
She takes them everywhere she goes.
Fits her small hands very well lol.

The best things in life are, quite often, free. 😁

A very close friend gave birth this morning via emergency c-section.

I was just thinking about texting her this morning but got swarmed by work. #lousyfriend
My heart beat very fast and I felt like crying when she told me about the situation she went through.
So scary.

Hope I can finish work on time tomorrow and go visit her and her baby!