That awkward moment..

When friendly strangers attempt to play with your baby, and she simply stares at them unimpressed. 😅

Like this.

Actually that was her looking slightly guilty after pinching her Daddy. 😅
Kinda funny, this face with the matching romper.

"What should I do, Mommy, with a crying Daddy?"

So this afternoon I was baby-wearing Clarissa at Guardian and queuing to pay for something.
There was a man behind us who looked like he was in his late thirties. He started smiling at Clarissa, cooing at her and saying "hello!" to her in a cute voice.
And this little girl looked at him intently but did not smile at all. He kept making cute noises at her and she kept staring at him, not smiling back. 😅
In fact she looked a little puzzled, like she was saying..

What are you doing uncle?
How can I help chu?

So I had to step in with a laugh, chide her a little with a "hey darling! ", smile at the friendly uncle and zoom out of the store as soon as I can.

I don't mind friendly strangers but this little girl always looks skeptical / unimpressed / bored when people try to play with her.
Or she'd keep staring at someone and when they try to smile at her or say hi, she simply continues staring.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just very awkward for mommy. 😂