42 weeks, saranghaeyo!

My view during breakfast this morning.
That's little miss 6-teeth looking at my sister longingly for a small bite of her pandan cake.

42 weeks young today! 😉


Just for fun, I've been showing her how to do the Korean "I love you" heart-sign.

Something like this:

I think this was some three years back, at Seoul Namsan Tower.

So yesterday she was standing on the day bed in our study room inspecting us while we worked, I turned to her and did a "saranghaeyo!".

And she did this:

Am I sexy or what?

Her hands are not long enough to do the heart shaped arch on the top of her head. So I guess she went all the way to the back of her head instead. 😅

She followed suit each time I shouted "saranghaeyo!" complete with the handsign, so I guess she really knows what she's doing.

We love you so much we don't mind smelling your armpits. 😅

I'm surrounded by people who love me! Lol.

After a lousy day at work, I put these two pictures together while commuting home.

Rather than feeling upset with people who don't care two hoots about me, I should just focus on people who genuinely care.

I don't know if I've been inept at dealing with people who ask about your weekend and turn away from you in the same beat, or people who make totally unfunny and uncalled for jokes about you having a lot of free time.

Or have I actually landed on some outerspace?
I've decided to buck up and suck it up, take a deep breath, do my best, but I'm still not getting it.

As I walked home this evening, a thought occurred to me.
Did I change? Or did the company change?
How do I find my footing in this suddenly foreign and sometimes sinister place?

Think happy thoughts.